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wild birds in the garden


By donnah


Can any of you advise me please

I have 3 bird boxes to put up and I am not sure where they should be, I have heard birdie experts suggesting North face South Face and the rest. My garden has plenty of space for bird boxes. I have a hawthorne hedge and last year I put a few nest boxes in it. We had a family of Robins use the box. Things went very well and we took alot of enjoyment from watching the pair of Robins going to and fro feeding the family. Then one day I came home to a dead Robin which I think Olley had caught. Considering the box was in a hawthorne hedge how did he catch it. I then spent the next few weeks digging up worms and things and putting them into a hanging basket which I put near the nest, The single parent got the hang of this very well And would come out take the worms and feed the chicks. Well to cut a long story short they all seem to survive and they are still visting my garden still. But back to my question Where do I put these new nest boxes ?

He might look like a killer But he only catches very few birds (Thankfully)

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As far as i know they are suppose to be north facing, i've got a few up, but not been used yet, & they were put up last year.

27 Feb, 2009


Yes Donnah , Clarice is right but really any position out of midday sun is Ok. South facing gets a lot of sun so would avoid this .

Sadly Robins and Wrens choose to nest quite low down making them suseptible to cats .Saw that Bill Oddie once placed a hanging basket frame over his Robin nest box - the open fronted type , to offer protection.

Avoid placing boxes near bird feeding areas as this activity
can intimidate them .Good luck.

27 Feb, 2009


Oops naughty Olley,afraid it goes with the territory Donnah, I spend a lot of time trying to educate my cats into preserving life but they think its good to bring me a pressie.You did very well with the robins and the hanging basket I will remember that tip.Hope your new boxes get some tenants ..........

27 Feb, 2009


Im sure the birds will love their new home. Last year a Robin nested in my potting shed, in an old terracota pot on a shelf, they pick the most unusual places.

28 Feb, 2009

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