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I have a backyard that grows rasberries without being tended. And I have an ongoing battle with eliminating weeds. My wife plants tomatoes in pots and we enjoy the "fruits" of her labor. We've celebrated 50 yrs of wedded bliss (most of the time). She is very busy with keeping our inground swimming pool free of algy. We have both a pear tree, and a peach tree. Last year was the first year that both the squirrels and we did not have a single peach or pear tree. Don't ask me why, except the squirrels beat us to the peach tree and the pear tree did not produce a single fruit. This year both have blossoms aplenty and we might get lucky.
Can any one tell me it dirt piled next to a tree can reach a level in whicn to be harmful to the tree? I would like to know\
Thank you.

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