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It just beggars belief


Sorry, this isn’t about gardens or gardening but I have to have a rant. I really cannot understand the mentality of some people. First I hear on the news about bee hives being overturned and bees having to be destroyed and now this!

I feel so saddened and angry that anyone could even think about doing something like this. If I could get my hands on whoever did it… Really, what sort of person could do such a horrendous thing. The poor little mite must have been terrified and what sort of a life will it have now, if any. I know it would probably have eventually ended up on someones table, but cruelty such as this is beyond belief.

Sorry everyone, I don’t normally post about things not gardening related and I hope I haven’t upset anyone but I just had to say something.

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You have every right to have a rant about the terrible things people can do it kinda makes you lose faith in humanity ... But there are such lovely people on this forum which raises your faith once again !

16 May, 2013


Inform the R.S.P.C.A. and support them with donations.

17 May, 2013


Hi digginfit,
As ive said a few times im a creature of habbit and the last thing pre going to bed is to read the news on the PC.

And i read about this little lamb and the ear removing.

It's sick really sick and i hope who ever did this gets thier just pain for doing such a thing.

They say what goes round comes round and i hope its true in this case,

If there is such a thing as judgement day "I'll be way way down that line of sinners when i read things such as this.
You just dont know who's walking behind you these days.

17 May, 2013


I think Snoops has the reason, brought up with no love, discipline or respect for anything including themselves

17 May, 2013


I totally agree with Pam..and sorry,Digginfit,I won't look at the link,as I can gather from the comments what it is about..and that is enough for me..but I hope it felt better to get it off your chest,how you and most other people feel about awful included..

17 May, 2013


Grrrrrr, i can't read or watch anything like this, it gets me so angry..Poor Lamb.

17 May, 2013


Some people are just MINDLESS MORANS and thats being VERY polite, I'd get kicked off Goy if I wrote what first came to mind and what I wish on the person/persons responsible....

17 May, 2013


Me too Lincs I`m of the flog em and hang em brigade and I make no apologies for it, there has been to much pussy footying around when it comes to dealing with the sort of people that commit these sort of acts.

17 May, 2013


I think the same thing should be done back to them when they are caught ... then they'll know what it feels like.

20 May, 2013

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