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A Little "Theme" Riddle


By david


I thought I’d give you a chance to guess the next theme for our garden, for a little bit of fun, rather than just get on with it. Of course, while this theme has been on our minds all year, I never imagined it would happen in a whole new garden, but the kids and I are looking forward to doing this project even more now. So, here goes………….

A dahlia bishop contains the name
of the birthplace of this author of fame.
But, ‘twas in Xela’s home county he made his abode,
with “yellow” and “brick” down a path – not a road.

Our first crop of blueberries, summer 2008

Treesandthings asked for a plant for a boy,
in the hope that an answer could be found here on GOY.
I’d hoped there would be one by some stroke of luck -
but so far there’s not one, and I think we’re both stuck.

Blueberry autumn foliage

Two movie versions have been made of this story -
one with an actor loved by both Jacque and Lori
(as revealed in Lori’s pic of her little tame sparrow).
But! Beware of being misled off the straight and the narrow,
as you will almost certainly fail,
and end up thinking about the wrong tale.

Bournville Park, Birmingham, England

Grenville’s new series of bloggings have whet
my own appetite for plants I must get.
There’s a particular “colour”, or should that be “scent”?
And many great plants which could have been meant
for our chosen theme. But, let us not linger!
If on this tale you can’t quite put your finger,
and feel that you need yet another clue “fix”,
just have a look at “My Favourite” pics.

- David

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11 Oct, 2008



11 Oct, 2008


Worked out what the answer is,
To your delightful little quiz.

This is quite a clever test.
But I won't spoil it for the rest.

I'll relax and eat a Twix
And leave you to your little tricks. :o)

11 Oct, 2008


Oh, don't eat it, or you'll grow fat
and turn into one of that
of which we've chatted recently.
Of this I'm sure - just wait and see! :-o

11 Oct, 2008 just looked through your favourite,s David and is it themed on James,s favourite book ?

11 Oct, 2008


Yes, you're right, my dear Janette!
But, please, don't spill the beans just yet.

11 Oct, 2008


Secrets safe with me David I have a good memory lol

11 Oct, 2008


I can gues the author but that's all.

12 Oct, 2008


You probably can, Hywel, as he was born in your own country. Would you care to give us the name? Nariz was spot-on with Llandaff as his birthplace.

Clue:- The pics in this blog relate to the story, but for what is the place with the park famous for?

TT and Janette, feel free to help. Grammazoo (by private message), you are spot-on!

12 Oct, 2008


Bonnie Prince,
The name to savour.
Late night mints,
Reveal this flavour. :o)

13 Oct, 2008


OH !
Right I know now.
( thanks for the extra clues lol )

13 Oct, 2008


Well done, Hywel.
I'm sure you came up with a tasty title. :o)

13 Oct, 2008


Yes, Hywel (in reply to your message), that's it Now then, who is going to be first to post the author and the correct title of the book here? (I need to get on with the project, lol!),

TT, your verse is gr8! I like the "Bonny Prince" reference, as this part is going to be a major feature" in the garden.

13 Oct, 2008


David ~
I'm pleased you like my verse.

Did you see my mention on another thread of
Saxifraga Fortunei Black Ruby ?
I have this plant and it looks very delicious. :o)

13 Oct, 2008


TT, have searched but can't find it!

Are you going to post the author and theme here now, so I can begin putting up some new pics, lol? Will post one of Lucky as soon as he sits still long enough!

13 Oct, 2008


Roald Dahl ~
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

You could get chubby choosing the plants for this one. :o)

13 Oct, 2008


You found my mention of Black Ruby.
It's under your latest photo of Blueberries. :o)

13 Oct, 2008


So I did!

Yahoo! Congratulations, TT!

Now I can change my profile and begin again. X

13 Oct, 2008


doh!! brilliant david, i wish i had read this first :-)

13 Oct, 2008


Never mind, Lyd, you worked it out without any clues!

13 Oct, 2008


Did you know that Roald Dahl's garden has been open to the public, David ?
I am so envious of you sharing his books with your children. They were very popular with the children I taught, but nothing could beat the experience of sharing them with my own children. When we were reading Roald Dahl storytime became a very special time of day, we would all snuggle up together on one of the children's beds and share our thoughts about the story so far before hanging on every word of that evening's installment. Around that time the County museum created a wonderful hands on Roald Dahl gallery which was a must to visit. I believe it was the inspiration for the Roald Dahl Museum as it is today in Great Missenden.
Maybe I will be able to share the experience again one day if I have grand-children.

17 Oct, 2008


I've read about his garden, Xela, and the white brick shed with the yellow door, where he wrote. Will make a point of visiting the museum next time we're down that way.

One of James' "tasks" is to write down all the key words in the book, and then we all talk about how we can depict them in our garden. The kids do, however, like me to lie in bed with them and read the books aloud in "silly" voices. I do think that they are hilarious!

Hope you didn't mind me dropping your name into the "riddle"? Best Wishes!

17 Oct, 2008


Of course I didn't mind, David. Be sure to let me know when you are down this way, would love to meet up if at all possible. Dahl's garden and the museum aren't far from each other, it may be possible to see both on the same day.
I 'spect James will not be the only one coming up with key words, your enthusiasm for this project is quite contagious! I think you are bound to find plants being suggested here on GoY. :-D

18 Oct, 2008


Will do, Xela. We should actually have been heading down south today, but decided just to have a "lazy" week off at home instead. Also, the suggestions have started coming in, many thanks for them.

18 Oct, 2008

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