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Plants have arrived


By daff


My plants have just arrived, the Hamamelis (red and yelow) It’s far too wet and cold to go out at at the moment, I’m thinking of planting them in pots, they should grow ok in them.
I’ll have to try and get it done this weekend as i’m off up to Yorkshire on Monday for a few days. I’ll have to call and get some soil, I have the pots, I know it’s going to be a nice weekend for me to get them planted.
Gail x

Happy Valentines day on Saturday xxx

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They will eventually need to go in the soil, though, unless the pots are very large! Why not wait a while until your soil has dried out a bit and then plant them in the garden?

Have a nice weekend. I hope the snow has gone from the part you are visiting!

13 Feb, 2009


sorry dont no what a hamamilas is so can not help I will leave that to the great gardeners on GOY

13 Feb, 2009


They are shrubs, Donna, common name 'Witch Hazel'. They flower now, with little ribbony- clusters of yellow, orange or red flowers. They grow up to 3 metres or even more. I've got two - a yellow and a red. I love them!

13 Feb, 2009


Spritz, my sister rang last night, they still have some snow, It's the side roads that are bad, It may have gone by Monday, fingers crossed.

The main reason i want to grow them in pots, Is we're hoping to move in a few years and i would like to take them with me, my garden is full lof things in pots that i want to take with me, as they will be well established, they will all go in the ground then. Plants aren't the cheapest of things, and it would save buying them again.

14 Feb, 2009


If you put them in big pots I would think they would do alright for a couple of years. They may not grow very big but they should be fine.

15 Feb, 2009


Thanks Gilli, I suppose that i can put them in larger pots each year when they are in the dormant stage.
It'll be at least 4 years before we move, that's if things get better here.
Gail x

15 Feb, 2009

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