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New cat


By daff


We decided to get a rescue cat. We got her on October the 22nd 2014, age 1 year. She is adorable but quite a handful.

She likes to eat everything in the garden which has made her ill on more than one occasion, also climbing trees, getting onto the garage roof and getting stuck. She has lost 2 collars (which were modified with bells and name tag) she also likes digging, especially where I plant things.

On the 12 Aug 2015 and she’s decided that she’s not going to use the cat flap any more :( why… who knows. We’re going away for 2 weeks soon, our neighbour and daughter are going to look after Maisy. We’re trying to coax her to start using the cat flap with moderate success, she ‘ll go out of it but won’t come back in. It’s now the 17th Aug, no success with the cat flap, we have 2 weeks to entice her to come in through the flap. At least my plants have survived, she’s just chasing the frogs now….

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LOL, I know full well how stubborn and awkward they can be at times, we have four cats here and the female Tipsy is a right pain at times, she is 16yrs old now and I swear she changes with the wind and also does it to annoy us.
Maisy is a very pretty cat, I hope for her sake that she does decide to use the flap properly but if not as long as she is being fed and cared for she will be ok, I wonder if she has got caught sometime and that has put her off using it ...

17 Aug, 2015


Ha ha......she's a handful! Good luck!

17 Aug, 2015


She's a pretty little cat and one who clearly knows her own mind! A suggestion re the flap - try letting (or taking) her out before a mealtime. Prop the flap open a little and leave her meal near enough for her to be able to smell it.

17 Aug, 2015


My mother used to say cats shouldnt wear collars because they get caught in trees. She also used to say feed them at 9 p.m. every night, then they will come in at night.

18 Aug, 2015


Have you tried leaving the cat flat open till she gets used to it?

18 Aug, 2015


Lol Diane - ours has supper at 10 and goes straight out afterwards....

18 Aug, 2015


II find one cat a handfull never mind four, although we've talked about getting a kitten when Maisy is a bit older. Somthing has happened for her to stop using it, although she's going out but not coming in. My husband says it because we've had the door open and she's got lazy :)
I'll try opening the flap a little and see if that works. Thanks for your suggestions.


19 Aug, 2015

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