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bought new plants


By daff


17 Jan, sent for some witchhazels, Hamamelis and Diane, they are winter/Spring flowering I had some when i lived in Yorkshire, they are lovely Shrubs, and they smell nice too. I would recomend them for any garden, I’ve paid £14.99 each, I’m sure that somewhere they’ll be cheaper, I’m looking forward to them coming.

I’m going to get Bob (my husband) to rub some deep heat or something like that into my back, It may ease it. I have only myself to blame, I keep forgetting that i’m not as young anymore, and that i can’t go on and on. I hope it rains, just on my garden so that i can’t go out for a few days : ) then i’ll have to do some housework, : ( I can’t win : )

Gail xxx

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You've ordered Hamamelis 'Diane', Daff, what is the name of the other Hamamelis? I think H. 'Diane' is a rich orange colour (I looked it up!) and I'd love to know which other one you are getting!

I have two now, as well, H.'Rubin' which is red, and H.'Arnold Promise' which is bright yellow. I agree with you - they are lovely shrubs!

I hope your back is OK.

18 Jan, 2009


Hope you will be pleased with your new plants, so exciting ordering for the garden, know what you mean about the back, wearing a bracelet with magnets in at the far so good! hope you return to normal soon..(you know what I mean)

18 Jan, 2009


Dont know about you, but i'm like a kid at xmas, when i order any plants, no matter how quick they come its not quick enough, hope you like your plants when they come.

19 Jan, 2009


Have you tried the heat wraps/stick on pads for your back Daff? I have found them to be effective when in trouble!
Get it better before you plant those new shrubs!

19 Jan, 2009


Spritz, I think the other is called Boskoop, Like Clarice, I love ordering plants then can't wait for them to come.
I'm always pleased Dotty, I have to curb my exitement : )

19 Jan, 2009


Hi Gail ~
Those plants sound very good choices. I hope your back pain eases up.
Do you, as I do, have the sign :
Gardening forever, Housework whenever ?

This January, I'm still managing to keep to my New Year Resolution of sorting out my house ~ before I'm tempted by milder weather to spend hours working in the garden ! xxx

19 Jan, 2009


Oh good for you Gail. I love ordering plants. I've been doing that myself as well as seeds. Rest your back for a while and then you'll be set to do some more. Have you tried some gentle back exercises to help strengthen the muscles? The stronger muscles help support the damaged joints so you have less pain in the long run. That's what I've had to do with my lower back and I must say it seems to be working.

19 Jan, 2009


Hi again, Gail, I found a picture of 'Boskoop' and it's a yellow one... So your garden should look great with the two different coloured Hamamelis. Lovely! Please post photos when they flower, won't you?

19 Jan, 2009


Last year a friend gave me a Hamamelis cutting which seems to be doing fine. Quite small at the moment but I believe they are really lovely.
I was laughing at Terratoonie's New Year's Resolution of sorting out the house before working on the garden. Mine was to sort out clothes and shoes which I will certainly never need again after my recent retirement. For some reason I am finding it very difficult to throw away a pair of pink, 6inch heel stillettoes. I think I last wore them 20 years ago.
However, waste not want not I thought, and so have decided to stomp around the lawn in them thus providing great drainage and entertainment for the neighbours at the same time.

19 Jan, 2009


What fun! I'd love to watch! Get the camera out, someone!

19 Jan, 2009


TT, you and I think alike, gardening forever,housewrork whenever, I need at least a couple of days notice before anyone comes to visit. : )

Thanks Gilli, I should have stopped when i first felt the twinge, but i was enjoying myself so much, I just kept going, I do feel a lot better now, It'sbeen raining here ever since. x

Spritz, I am thinking of growing them in pots, we are thinking of moving in 4 years, and it would be good to take them with us. I will get some pictures when they flower. x

Spritz, I was thinking the same thing, we want a picture of Ginellie in the pink stillettoes, yeah xxx.

ps, and other clothing of course ........

19 Jan, 2009


Ginellie - they sound perfect for aerating the lawn!

19 Jan, 2009


That's the word I was looking for Andrew, aerating. Fortunately Sophie can't take photographs or I would certainly send one. For my usual early morning garden inspection I can be seen in black hooded dressing gown and wellies. I think the pink shoes would be an improvement.

19 Jan, 2009


Oh Ginellie, please, please, please, have someone take a pic. You must post this. We're all waiting with bated breath to see

20 Jan, 2009


I agree Gilli, Ginellie must send a picture, do a self- timer xxx

20 Jan, 2009

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