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Oooops, being laid up is toooo expensive!!! Yikes!!!


Well, I’m really bitterly disappointed my body has not healed up still. I even had the doctor give me some muscle relaxants to stop the spasming of my neck/shoulder but that barely dulled the pain. Sooooo, I’ve been stuck in bed reading library books these last 3 weeks and thoroughly fed up with it too. Especially as the weather is getting nicer!!

I did manage to pot up some tomato seeds, and my sunflowers have started growing. Have also got hubby to buy me one of those 4 tier mini-greenhouses, so I’ll be able to put my mini plugs in those, hopefully soon. I got fed up last week and bought some mini plugs of begonia, fuschia and geraniums, which I’ve potted up. I also got in the post (sunday times offer) some Petunia and Bedsomething(!!)(Bedonia) plants, which I’ve also potted up. And I’ve ordered some more begonia’s, another catalogue offer, 42 plugs for £9.99. Then I’ve also ordered 6 tomato plugs. (00’s and 000’s for the hanging baskets)

Anyone else find the internet toooooo tempting when laid up?? (wink, wink!!)

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Thanks Marguerite! You're right about getting some warm sun on my neck, I do find heat really helps. I've got one of those bean filled neck things and keep microwaving those. I wanted to cry last week, coz it was my mum's birthday and we'd planned to go to her local garden centre for a cuppa and cake and "look" around. Still, I've promised her when the weather is warmer and I can drive again, it's a date!!

17 Mar, 2009


I know just how you feel. I have been off my feet well one foot completely for the past 5 months and unable to work since last April.:0( I have become an expert at on-line ordering though! ;0)
Take it easy don’t over do it it’s not worth it!

17 Mar, 2009


I do find that in unwell or feeling down moments I feel the urge to plan and plot about the garden or new projects - and yes somehow whatever is ailing me does not seem to prevent the use of a keybord, mouse and plastic cards. eek.

Tell me craftnutter - what is your craft of choice or are you a dibbler and dabbler in all sorts of stuff (like me even more expensive!!)

17 Mar, 2009


Hmmmmm, er huc hum, errrrr, weeeeeell, I do love sewing: patchwork, quilting, applique and uuurrrrmmmm, knitting and crocheting too, so yeeeees, I do have lots of fabric and knitting yarn too, not to mention the 00's of Craft books I've got!!! Eeeeek, and yes, we are in financial difficulty!

I'm hoping to start selling these craft books on car boots soon, that is if my inflammation allows me. Or I might sell them as box lots. I have at least 23 boxes of books, inc. on embroidery. Trouble is, I can't sit at the sewing machine for long, as I've basically arthiritis in the neck. I'm holding onto my fabric, so I've something to do when I'm better, but at least I can knit and crochet in bed. Well, knitting on 2.5mm needles max. or the knitting is too heavy for my shoulders. What is your choice of craft?

17 Mar, 2009


Have you tried stumpwork embroidery? (detached embroidery) - I love it and tend to take some on holidays as you tend to work on tiny pieces ie one flower petal at a time so it would be very light weight and easier to do in bed or sitting down. I even took one project away on holiday with me in a large 'cooks' matchbox.

I also love most other types of tapestry, embroidery (incl blackwork,cutwork, needlelace) I am trying bobbin lace.I do parchment craft, Im refurbing my 1970's dollshouse. well thats the plan - in reality I have loads of part done projects, but they are all fun to pick up and put down as the mood takes me. I have never got to grips with knitting though - my tension always goes wobbly!

17 Mar, 2009


No, I've not tried Stumpwork, altho' I've tons of books on embroidery, not that technique. I too, have built a dolls house and have made things to go in it! I love working in 12th scale! Have books on that subject too!!! :-)

I learnt knitting when I was a girl guide and managed to keep it up, making myself jumpers mainly when a teenager. As well as sewing my clothes. My big sister was embarrased by the clothes I wore when I was a teenager. Still is probably, teeheee!! I've tried bobbin lace too, but the teacher upset me and I've never been back, ooopsy! I picked that up really easily as I've a photographic memory and patterns were easily memorised for me. I think she regrets being rude to me as I think she thought I was a natural. (big head throbs!!!!)

17 Mar, 2009


I have 3 of those mini green houses. They're fantastic. You'll love yours I think.

17 Mar, 2009


Yep! I sure do Hywel! I put my 2nd one up last night and wondered how I thought I'd manage with just 1!!

18 Mar, 2009


I put my neck " out " yesterday craftnutter .. it,s something that happens quite often , I have one more disc than I should have in the neck which makes it longer and easily put out .. it,s agony at the moment so I sympathise with what you go through ,, it really affects all your top half and arms as well ..
I hope that you will improve with the warmer weather so that you can get outside to do little jobs ...
Take it easy :o)

4 Apr, 2009


Ooooh, you poor thing Amy, I'm sorry to hear that! Wow, how did you find out, was that thro' an xray? Yep, it does affect my arms too, quite badly. I sometimes wake up feeling like an arthritic 90 year old!!

Do you have osteopathy? I do occasionally, and it does help, even tho' I always moan that I feel as if I've gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson after, heehee!!

Yep, I want to get these big jobs done, so I can just potter around and do the little jobs. Sadly, I can't seem to manage to get my hubby to do the medium jobs for me...... :-( Never mind, we'll get there in the end I expect!

4 Apr, 2009

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