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By costas4


It has been raining here in Northwest London since yesterday afternoon. I knew it was going to happen following the unusual heat wave we had the previous couple of days. It is good news for my thirsty garden, but not very good news for my kitchen. Part of my kitchen’s roof is tiled and the other part is felt. Every time we have consistent rain it starts leaking. I go on the roof, check every inch of it very carefully and find nothing wrong whatsoever. Last week I decided to buy more mastic and give it another cover, hoping to solve the problem. Unfortunately it does leak again today. Is the water coming from another part of the building? Anybody had a similar problem? Shall I call in a professional roofer? Your advice please.

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Sorry Costas, I really can't help with the roof problem. Sorry u have a leak. Should think it best to get someone reputable to look at it.
We have had no rain here today or yesterday yet all the forecasts I have seen showed rain here all day from early on today,

16 Sep, 2016


You will have it soon Paul. I have just looked at a German satellite weather site and it is coming towards you.The site is so good, I rely on them for my weather forecast.

16 Sep, 2016


Every forecast I've seen over past day or so has forecast it but it's still not here!!!

16 Sep, 2016


The trouble with water, Costas, it can travel or be channelled making it difficult to locate. Hope you solve the mystery soon.

16 Sep, 2016


You are absolutely right Linda about water. Very difficult to locate the problem, especially when everything above looks perfectly O.K, as before. Water can travel some distance until it finds its way out. This might be the case, as the dripping occurs hours after it starts raining.

16 Sep, 2016


May one suggest the water is going downhill ?

16 Sep, 2016


I agree that you should have someone reputable to look at it. Someone professional will know where to look and what to do. If you keep patching it up, the water will come in somewhere else.

It may even be better to have the roof all done in the same material.

We've had glorious weather here. It's usually the other way around.

16 Sep, 2016


Just phoned our ex-evacuee and heard about London's dismal weather. We've had a beautiful sunny day here!

We have a "leak" problem with gutters that can't take the water when it does rain. Guess the moss on the roof is to blame again. There's always something that needs doing!

18 Sep, 2016

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