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By costas4


Some of you may remember me. I have opened and closed my account a few times, but have always read and enjoyed everything appearing on this side.

I am in a reasonable good health, apart from the usual problems for my age and the severe Tinnitus I suffer lately, which sometimes drives me mad. Unfortunately there is no cure and a little gardening can make things better for a while.

My garden looks good and tidy, but as I always said in the past, I prefer summer colour with a lot of perennials to flower from June onwards. Unfortunately I have no room for spring flowering plants, as my wife prefers most of the garden to be a lawn.
Beautiful day here today. I may go out and check my cucumbers again. I do not know the reason why, but they suddenly collapse and die.

All the best to all.

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Costas it's great to hear from you again - only the other day I was wondering what had happened to you. So sorry to hear about the tinnitus - it must be driving you mad - glad the garden helps. Had you thought of planting spring bulbs under where the perennials will be when they grow in late spring? that's what i do and it works auite well - you have to be patient for a few weeks while the leaves die off but its worth it.

23 May, 2016


Hello Costas its always good to hear from you, so you haven't won over in garden yet as regards the lawn, I personally like to see a lawn but then I have enough garden and plenty of room for beds and borders so best of both worlds, I also find it therapeutic walking around with the mower, does make a difference, if you enjoy what you are doing, when you've shown your photo's in the past its always looked good, in the last few years I've planted many more perennials and so pleased I did, they have been a great joy to me especially when I couldn't do much last year and they last for such a long time, like Stera my bulbs are mixed in with them, I pop my summerflowering Gladioli in any spaces I find and the jobs a goodun, hardly any room for weeds, always a bonus.
I lost my cucumbers like that last year, never have found out why, I'm keeping an eagle eye on this years and of course my fingersxx,.
I feel for you as regards your hearing, my brother suffers the same and its really annoying for him, take care Costas.....

23 May, 2016


its lovely to hear from you again. sorry about the tinnitus it is miserable according to one of my mates.

23 May, 2016


Thank you both Steragram and Lincslass for your kind comments. I am a little upset this moment with my internet connection and it's speed. One moment I have a very fast connection, a moment later a very very slow connection and after a few minutes no internet connection at all. I tried to phone my internet provider many times, there line always very busy , and managed to speak only once to somebody somewhere in South Asia in order to be told that there is a fault with my telephone line. After many tiring hours on the phone I managed to book an engineer in order to come many days later and say there is nothing wrong with the telephone line. I pay them a high fee and I am supposed to have a very fast connection. I will not name the company, although many of you will understand who they are. I asked for the cancellation of my account and said there was an 11 months fine. I do not remember signing any contract with them. There is always no internet connection when I need it. Am I the only one? I,m forced to write and post this through my mobile phone, something I find extremely difficult and hate it. Hope to have a better connection tomorrow.

23 May, 2016


My wife also suffers with Tinnitus so I feel for you. I. Wouldn't be able to cope with it, I'm sure as she is so much calmer than me but it drives her crazy at times.
Being in the garden is a good thing to take your mind off it, I should think.

23 May, 2016


I developed tinnitus from battle sounds in the Korean war and that steam pipe sound has been hissing away in my head for the last 65 years. A first I felt bad and depressed realizing that I was never to know an absolutely quiet moment again and it is truly annoying. I can't tell you how I did it but for the most of the day I don't notice it and when there are times that I do I don't think anything of it. I think we all develop our own personally tailored ways of coping with this, for you it's the garden.

23 May, 2016


Thank you Seaburngirl, Paulspatch and Loosestrife2 for your comments and support. At least there are two positive things about Tinnitus. There is no pain and it is not life threatening. The worse thing, it is something to live with for the rest of your life.

23 May, 2016


Good to hear from you again Costas4. Looking forward to see you wonderful roses again.

24 May, 2016


Welcome back Costas, it's good to see you again :)

28 May, 2016


Thank you Klahanie. I am amazed you remember my roses. They look good this year, but not a single flower as yet. Hard pruning and cold weather we had in March and April set them back for a few weeks.
Thank you Sheilabub. I always try to understand how big your garden is. It looks huge in the photos and very pleasant.

28 May, 2016


Thank you for your generous comment Costas . . . it's quite big - not huge - but my favourite place :)

28 May, 2016


Good to hear from you Costas. Im sorry about the internet issues. We had a line down in the winter and so I know exactly how frustrated you will be feeling. Phoning abroad, getting nowhere, paying for the privilege.....its rubbish isnt it. Hope it gets fixed soon. Not like you live in a wilderness is it!? I think tinitus would really be a big problem for me. Its bad enough that I have constant earworms (today its Rossini, and sometimes they go on for days and days...all through the night as well) but at least its a tune! We were at a wedding on Saturday and the noise of the 'Band' was so bad it nearly got the better of me..I had to go outside. Noise is excruciating, so to be in your position....You have my sympathy.

31 May, 2016


Thank you Karen for your kind comments. I am really surprised to hear a young and very active person like you to suffer from Tinnitus, like me. You have my sympathy too. I am in my early seventies and always say, problems come with age.
Please do not mention weddings. I hate them for their very loud music. We were also in a wedding reception last Sunday and the music was so loud, that I could feel the vibration on my tummy, although we were sitting well away from the band. It was a Greek wedding and you can imagine the Bouzuki music in a confined place. We couldn't even talk to other people sitting on the same table with us.
With regard to the internet connection, it comes and goes all the time. One moment is fast, the next moment is very slow and most of the time no connection at all. I decided never to phone them again. It makes me ill to listen to their machine repeating they are very busy.

31 May, 2016


Thank you Homebird for your kind comments. Yes it is BT for me too. I am writing this comment for the third time as the internet connection is interrupted all the time and loose my text before I send it. it is very bad today. When you say you replaced the master socket what do you actually mean? Do you mean the white box where the telephone line enters your premises, or the internet HUB. My HUB is two pieces. One colour white called Openreach and another colour black sitting on top of it.
Kindly let me know as I am fed up with BT and makes me ill even to phone them.

2 Jun, 2016


Hi, just read your blog as i am sitting indoors waiting for BT. One of our phone lines went funny last week. Broadband still working on it but alarm and phone not. After nearly an hour tryingto get through to them, they said would be here Saturday between 8am and 1pm. They didn't show so yet another long wait on the phone we were told should never been told they would come on a Saturday. They now only come out at weekends if you pay extra each month for the privilege!! Just another way to get more money out of you. ( sorry having a rant). I have had a call this morning asking me to move appointment from this morning to afternoom. I said NO! We already pay extra because of the redcare on our alram, ok rant over :-). I'm a newbe to this site and hope I get that chance to see photos of the aboved mentioned roses. Jen

7 Jun, 2016

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