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I've never been so googled in all my life!


I thought that over the weekend, as I couldn’t go out to play in the rain, I’d get to grips with the facility on this smashing site to index the plants in my garden, and add some photos.

Some general names I know, but others have escaped me, obviously not quite the same as riding a bike. Although, on reflection at least I tried, whereas balancing on two wheels again is not top of my list of things to do in a hurry. One day, if I can find a wide enough angle lens, I will post a self portrait so you know where I’m coming from.

Anyway, one of those “Eureka!” moments later I decided that I would stand a far better chance of tracking down their monikers with a little help from Mr Google. i.e. google “Violets” etc and then try and ID them. This worked quite well but I also learned something I didn’t quite bargain for.

Maybe I have lead a very sheltered life and you will all tell me you have been doing it for years, but before I knew it I was reading how to blend passion flower with marijuana in a pipe!! Anyway maaan, it was reeeeall gooooood! I jest. I am sooo not cool enough!

So having found yer common or garden Passiflora Caerulea (ooooh! Get me!) I daren’t tell you what I found from my next google. And I mean I really daren’t in case someone flags this blog up as inappropriate (I am already on thin ice following my question on Nessun Dorma Upallnighticus).

When my 22 year old son came into my study I couldn’t close the window quick enough I was so embarrassed and I KNOW he would have been if he had seen it on his mother’s screen! Be afraid of Google…. Be very afraid! With the best will in the world it can take you to some very strange places… I know, because it happened to me, dear reader!

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LOL.....Oh CC....How I know exactly what you went through. I was looking up some plant or other a few days ago...I forget what it was now.....but I got sent to some very shady sites!! Being the mother/stepmother of 5 kids between 15 and 23, my days of being shocked are over (I thought) but some of the sites made my cheeks son, bless him, just laughed at me!! :o(

14 Apr, 2009


LOL U really dont want 2 know what iv had come up by mistake on My PC & had to get My 18yr old son 2 get me off as i didnt know how 2 exit or get rid of the Page :/ A Very Embrassed Mum & 2 teenage children loling @ me for a whole wk LOL :)

14 Apr, 2009


hehe I was trying to look up about toadstools yesterday after reading on here from moon grower about a phallus erectrus or something similar... googled it and got the shock of my life!!
they were no toadstools!! and they definatly werent growing in a garden either!!


14 Apr, 2009


ive had a few dodgy encounters like this. but on the good side i just love the way google know just what i mean no matter how bad my spelling is. lol

15 Apr, 2009


I totaly agree with u there Sandra My Spellings Awful & its a Miracle it understands what i Type in LOL :)

15 Apr, 2009


A wonderful thing, the internet! But for us not so able it can be a case of ' A little knowledge is a dangerous thing' I know I'm always having to ask my sons how to do things, much to their amusement!!

17 Apr, 2009

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