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It’s now May – 8th, and the new border is beginning to take shape at last… despite what Mother Nature has thrown at it since December! Surprisingly enough most of the new shrubs that I kept in pots to plant out this “Spring” (whenever that really happened this year!) have survived and are now in place and seem to be taking off despite our late snow in the middle of April.

However due to the very windy conditions most of their labels had gone astray, so I’m hoping that they were planted in the correct places… I’ll need to wait and see what the leaves and flowers are like before I know for sure which are which. Though I do know that I planted Photinia “Red Robins” along the back to give some winter colour and interspersed these with Zephryn Druin roses ( Old Bourbon thornless roses) along the back fence to add colour and fragrance in summer. They had been in tubs for a few years and I thought they would do better in the ground so I’ll have to wat and see how well they take to their new home. They should get more sun and also protection from the fence, so time will tell.

I moved some of the Crocosmia ( Lucifer) from around the flowering Cherry Tree over to the back fence too, as they were over growing the tree roots where they were and really needed splitting anyway. and that has given me some front of border space there as they grow quite tall and tend to overshadow other plants. And as you can see the surrounding area has welcomed this move, with some late flowering tulips and early geraniums just showing.

Between the shrubs I have planted Delphiniums – Pacific series and they should give some colour to the border in summer. I also added new Poppies which I haven’t grown before – Welsh poppies self seed around the garden already and I also have the lovely blue poppy growing in another area which is damper and has a bit more shade and suits it to a tee. I took seeds from it a couple of years ago and they have grown also, but in another part of the garden where the conditions suit well.

This peony seems to have survived well and is better placed to be seen now that the tall trees have gone – I knew it was there before but could never see it before, it had a huge seed pod last year and I “dropped” this close by and I think it may just have seeded itself where I dropped it!

The Roses and Clematis are just beginning to head for the fence and I’m going to use a tip I saw on a DVD to help them along! (spray the wall / fence with tomorite or similar fertilizer and “stick” the growing shoots using a blob of clear general purpose silicone to the fence – apparently it doesn’t harm the plant but encourages it to develop its shoots up the fence!)
I’ll let you know how it does…

I’ve also included photos of the Rhodie which is about to flower… and the Blue Himalayan Poppy below… Also some pix of the "seeded " peony???

At last we seem to have sprung into Spring here and most of my Cottage garden Perrenials are taking off. I worked for an hour or so yesterday on the path at the back – I’m trying to grow some alpine type plants around the stepping stones there, an idea I saw on a Geoff Hamilton DVD, but I need to find low growing plants that like some shade as the path is on the North side of the garden an shaded for at least part of the day!

Any suggestions or ideas are always warmly welcomed!

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thats a good tip with the clematis on fence will give it ago on my daughters ivy ....lots of interest in your garden nice pics

8 May, 2010


Today the weather stopped play, it is very cold,wet and windy.
But, have had a great time in the garden the last few days. Your garden is looking good.

8 May, 2010


You've been busy and your garden is looking great. I'm trying to cover a new fence too so will also try your tomorite idea too :)

8 May, 2010


Agree you have been busy, like you and Gee i'm also trying to cover new fencing.

8 May, 2010


I found the info and lots more on a DVD that I borrowed from the local library - it had lots of ideas and tips - been trying to get hold of it to buy as I've already had it out 3 times and if I can find a copy that would be cheaper than borrowing it every so often!!!

GREATEST gardening tips in the world - Presenter: Steve BROOKES
Publisher, Date Green Umbrella, 2005
Manufacturer's No. GUDVD6699
Price 13.00

If anyone spots it for sale please let me know as I've looked but so far drawn a blank.

8 May, 2010


Ebay is selling it for under £6, Clematisa. It can also be obtained through Amazon.

8 May, 2010


Really impressed with your idea about the sillicone - who needs string!

8 May, 2010


Wow that was quick - thanks Gee, I'll have a look!

8 May, 2010


Re: idea about the sillicone - who needs string! Haven't tried it as yet but have bought the sillicone! I don't think it will kill the plant as the roots will not be touched, and since it dries clear it won't be seen if anything untoward happens... lol!

8 May, 2010


Try your local charity shops for the DVD, you never know, there could be a copy lurking in one !

8 May, 2010


I like that idea... I 'm always trawling the local Chest, Heart and Stroke Shop and get lots of books there, isn't it amazing what people throw out in the way of great gardening books? I got a nearly new Geoff Hamilton one ther recently and it's jus as if he's speaking to you from the pages - brilliant! I just wish they'd show his old Gardner's World progs on TV, as I'm sure they have hardly dated at all.

8 May, 2010


My OH used to be with British Heart Foundation and realised a lot of donated gardening books/DVDs etc. are from house clearances where the family aren't into gardening ! : o ( (

8 May, 2010


your border will be a riot of colour this summer. I like the idea of the silicon too.

9 May, 2010


It should all look very colourfull look forward to seeing the pics

9 May, 2010

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