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DIY Pebble Path (Easy method #1)


Pebble paths are a beautiful addition to ones garden and can be expensive when paying someone else to make one. So…why not easily make your own? The method I’m going to share with you requires: cement and pebbles-literally thats all you need.

•firstly, mark out your path, however you want it to be, just be sure you have enough pebbles and cement.

•Once you’ve marked out the path, make your cement following the instruction on your cement packaging.

•Cover the space you have marked out with the cement and make sure you have a smooth layer.

•Now stick the pebbles in all over the path, they can be as deep as you want them. Leave it to dry and THERE YOU HAVE IT!

Maintaining the path is simple. Use a broom or stiff brush broom to scrub and sweep away any grime in the path. If you feel the need to clean the path every now and then just pour soapy water over it and gently scrub before rinsing. If there is any grass by the path, rinse that too.

I know…it sounds to simple to be true!

P.S. this site is currently not letting me add photoes but once the error stops, I will add some.

I would be happy to answer any questions in the comments.


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You forgot to mention not to put down too much cement in one go as it might dry out before you do your arrangement. there are some lovely mosiac style pebble paths and features about - just need the imagination, time and LOADS of pebbles!

24 Jul, 2016


True. I guess I forgot to mention that because my cement was a slow-drying one. But yes, if yours is not as fast, do one bit at a time.
Thanks :)

24 Jul, 2016

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