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Super Fast and Easy Yard Cleaning Routine (NO dangerous chemicals)


I did a yard cleaning blog not too long ago, but I understand it was bit drastic (OCD). So, I thought I should do a less OCD one which is fast and easy and doesn’t require the use of dangerous chemicals such as bleach and it will probably only need to be done every once in a while.

In other words this is currently my go-to yard cleaning routine as Iately I just can’t be bothered.

(For the walls, if they get grimy, i just rinse them or using a small stiff brush, I scrub the dirty areas with a bit of soapy water before rinsing-although rinsing usually just does the trick. The grass just gets a rinse with the hose)

•Firstly, I brush my yard, using a stiff brush and dispose of any rubbish in my garden.

•Next I make a sollution of hot soapy water (you can just add water and washing up liquid). I pour the soapy water onto the yard and using a stiff brush, scrub the ground.

•Lastly, rinse the yard

This is very simple and not very time consuming in comparison to my last drastic “clean up” blog.

To maintain the “cleanliness,” I just sweep up every week with a stiff brush.


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