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By clarice


Thankyou everyone for your help and info on telling me about different grasses for my garden

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It's a pleasure, clarice. Hope you find something that suits your garden. Please let us know what you bought!

17 Apr, 2008


Thankyou, it sounds like you live in a very beautiful part of england, i live in blackpool so its not as warm up here as it is down your end.Im going to a big garden centre on the 7th may so i may be able to get of those grasses you mentioned, i will let you know, im very slow with this laptop learning i've had a few lessons, trouble is i cant seem to take it all in. 1 of my daughters got me this grow on you, for me,dont have a clue how she did it.

18 Apr, 2008


You'll soon pick it up - as they say, 'It's not rocket science' clarice. Keep with us, there's always someone to answer your questions or to chat to. Yes, we do live in a beautiful area - we retired here just over 3 years ago from the Medway Towns in Kent - best thing we ever did! I reckon any of the grasses I told you about will grow up there - they are all hardy. Good luck with your shopping expedition!

18 Apr, 2008

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