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By clarice


For quite a while i have had goldfinches coming in my garden, but for about 2 or 3wks there as been none, i keep being told differant things so like they emagriate in the winter, that they only go down south of england were its abit warmer than up north here, then some folks say they stay here all year so dont really know.

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we live in the south , and havn't seen any for about 3 weeks. but leave the seed feeder out, they may return!!

6 Oct, 2008


I've heard it said that putting out sunflower hearts attracts the goldfinches.

Sometimes it's just a case of the small birds coming back to the feeders when other natural food sources have been exhausted. In autumn they feed on thistles and other tall plants.

It could even be the fact that some people in your neighbourhood have just set up a particularly attractive feeding station for birds, and the goldfinches are currently trying out this new 'restaurant' .

I hope the goldfinches come back soon to your garden.
They're pretty birds, aren't they. :o)

6 Oct, 2008


These are native birds Clarice and do not migrate.In fact more likely to see them during winter as feed becomes scarce.

They are tough hardy little birds and often see them glued to nyger seed feeders when blowing a gale and few other birds out in such weather.

More and more people are putting out food that they almost exclusively feed on , only moved here last year and 3 used to visit .Increased the number of feeders and they ve had young and large flock now visit.

Dont worry TT right they do the rounds as it were and can go for a few days.They ll be back esp if weather bad.Sure they know they can rely on you so taking advantage elsewhere.

6 Oct, 2008


Thanks for all the info on goldfinches, new you would know BB.

7 Oct, 2008


My goldfinches come to the garden all year round but they can disappear for seeks on end and then re-appear. I had a great thrill at the weekend - a Goldcrest appeared in my conifers (well - the non-descript trees someone had planted, I suspect old Xmas trees!!). never seen one before in my garden.
My goldfinches like sunflower seeds

7 Oct, 2008


Judirumble ~
That must have been great seeing the Goldcrest !
Thanks for confirming my advice about sunflower hearts.:o)

7 Oct, 2008


I do have sunflower hearts out as well, infact a robin was eating some of them the other day.

7 Oct, 2008

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