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By clarice


Just managed to get out the door, & my little tomatoe greenhouses with my tomatoes in had been blown down the garden, touch wood the tomatoes are still in their pots with the canes, i’ve stood them up in a corner, but they dont look very happy plants at all. Plus can’t do anything outside as its still blowing a gail, im a bit cheesed of as its 1st time i’ve grown tomatoes & i grew them from seed.

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I'm sure that your tomatoes will recover.Stake and tie them up well and they should be fine. We just had a severe storm come through here within the hour. The wind was something else and everything is still standing unlike the last time when my patio shade cover blew off and an arch fell to the ground.

22 Jun, 2008


Poor little plants I am sure if you take Mike,s advise they will be fine Clarice

22 Jun, 2008


The wind has been strong here, too, but no disasters like yours, Clarice, just plants falling over and a forest of canes and string! I hope your tomatoes will recover.

22 Jun, 2008


Sorry Clarice- hope they recover. Its hard to lose plants you have nurtured from seed. My outdoor toms look a bit battered- glad I kept some inside. So much for mid-summers day!

22 Jun, 2008

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