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By clarice


Can anyone give me some ideas how to stop wood pigeons coming to the bird table. I have quite a few birds that feed in my garden, including a pr of doves they are no trouble, but this last few weeks there as been a pr of wood pigeons, they are tipping the bird table over, if any bird food is not in feeders they take the lot in a few mins. Blackbirds that come in my garden love the sutanas & apples i put out for them, im sure they have a family, but 9 out of 10 times they come, the woodpigeons have had it, i keep chasing them off, but im sure they wait for me to go indoors,because in seconds there back again.

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Hi Clarice a lot of cheaper bird seeds consist of corn which wood pigeons love-we too get wood pigeons - we use the corn base on the ground which they eat and place the select wild bird seed on our table.You sure pigeons eating fruit?Does your bird table have a roof? Pigeons too fat to get on ours.

11 Jun, 2008


Clarice if your table has a roof put some string around the middle of it then only the little birds can get into it I put fruit out for the blackbirds and the pigeons here dont seem to like it I live right next to a wood and we get lots of them in the garden It is funny watching them trying to work out how to get into eat the seeds ,they give up in the end and go somewhere else

12 Jun, 2008


We have the same problem here. I tried string and the crafty things just perched on it and it slid down under their weight enough for them to poke their surprisingly long necks through to clear the table before the little birds got a chance! So now we have fastened plastic mesh round it (on one side as ours is against a post) and the pigeons have tried every which way to get the food but can't! I can't put corn on the ground as BB suggested as Henry would eat it!

12 Jun, 2008


we have exactly the same problem , the only idea we have come up with is pigeon pie ,!!
We have Doves that are so tame they they swoop at you and " screech " when they want some seed ,one in particular that I call Cheeky .We have also had a male pheasant called Charlie plus his 2 ladys living here for the last 4 yrs , the ladys disappear at nesting time but have just come back looking very thin , they all come at the same time each day for a handfull of sunflower seeds .

12 Jun, 2008


Thanks for this post and all the helpful answers! You've turned a bad day into a good one. After shouting and swearing at the thug pigeons who terrorize starving little birds on my Xmas present bird table, I read your comments and went straight out to put 4 pieces of string round the table at a suitable height, tightly tied to the supports. Result! Robins, tits and blackbirds are merrily pecking away while the embarrassed pigeons sit on the fence pretending they don't care. It's been great to see the courage of those little birds when the pigeons fly at them on the table - they stay put and the pigeons retire defeated. Hope it lasts! If not, I'll try the wire mesh idea.

31 Dec, 2008


Hi, we have an awful problem with crows as well as pigeons. Although we have a roof on the birdtable the pigeons have several attempts at getting onto the table which can be funny to watch but a real nuisance as they sit till they have eaten all the food! They slide down the roof and somehow manage to slip onto the table. Our only hope is that they and the crows eat the larger food and the crumb and seed size pieces are left for the small birds who really need feeding. We do have a soft spot for one woodpigeon which we have rescued twice from cat attacks and she parades up and down the garden like a sentinel. The colouring is so beautiful, but they are very greedy!
May Mac

20 Mar, 2009


i love the sound they make, i remember being young and hearing them down the chimny it was great, and i always remember everytime i hear it.

Birds singing is the best sound in the world... would not give that sound up for anything

Lee, xx

12 Jun, 2009


I have pigeons eating my greens, have had some success with suspending old CDs around them, they catch the light and scare them off ...until last week that is. But usually they are the best thing I have found so far.

26 Jun, 2009

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