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Whats in your shed


By chuffa


Recently on Radio Suffolk, there was a program called on the plot, introduced by Lesley Dolphin, that on occasions i used to talk about what was going on at my allotment. One week, a guy was asked about what he had in his shed. It was like home from home, electrics, armchair, even a stove to keep him warm. So if you possess a shed. WHAT’S IN YOURS

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Omg!! everything at the moment from the wormery, tools, old hanging baskets, summer chairs, compost and pellets for the wormery!! also kitchen stuff (having my kitchen redone so odds and ends are out there for the moment) it is packed to the rafters!!! Not the nice relaxing potting shed I imagined!!!

10 Dec, 2009


In my horrible, dirty and ugly shed there is a collection of cobwebs, complete with black widow spiders (in the summer), various sizes of garden stakes, my son's old Tonka trucks, mice, the old lawnmower that I just use for de-thatching the lawn, my chipper/shredder, weed trimmer, rototiller, a grill for a Dodge Ram truck, various rakes, shovels, a pick axe, a sledghammer, an old wasp nest, a pile of empty choke cherry pits that the mice have left, the kid's old toboggans, a sledge that my Dad made for my son, some garden lights that haven't been used in 10 years, lengths of old cable, no electricity, no armchair, no heat....not somewhere that I'd want to spend much time. LOL

10 Dec, 2009


Two hibernating tortoises in addition to the usual lawnmowers, garden tools, chairs, step ladders, old paint, toys for the grandchildren, etc etc.

Welcome to GoY :)

10 Dec, 2009


Oh yes....sorry....Welcome from me too. :o)

10 Dec, 2009


Helloo Chuffa welcome from me to. Lots of things waiting to come out in the spring such as pots, tools, and spiders!

10 Dec, 2009


J unk!! welcome to G.O.Y.

10 Dec, 2009


Hello chuffa and welcome from me. OMG in my shed at the moment is a load of hubbys rubbish. plus sons car parts, oh and his fridge freezer wedged in side the door.

10 Dec, 2009


hi chuffa welcome, my shed is nice and new this year, old one was only kept up by what was inside lol , i have all garden tools, lawnmower, pots, garden furniture, sons bike, some plants, and lots more :o)

10 Dec, 2009


Hi Chuffa - a chainsaw, a mower, loppers, a sieve-thing with a handle, canes, and LOTS of flower pots as well as some bits and pieces of tools in a box. Maybe more things, too - that I can't remember! LOL.

Welcome from me, as well.

10 Dec, 2009


The boiler and large diesel tank that fires up our central heating; one of our three freezers to hold the glut of veggies from the garden, wild boar and goat from our neighbour; Partner's tools and gardening tools; Christmas decorations; a pair of antlers (with skull attached) given to us by our neighbour who thought we would like it on our living room wall - No Way!; rows of apples waiting to become pies; the remainder of our potato harvest; Partner's old guitar; and hundreds of onions hanging from the beams in bunches. It smells good out there!

11 Dec, 2009


There's a potter's wheel in my shed :o) And a kiln in the garage

12 Dec, 2009


Lawn mower. patio furniture
and a bit of rubbish that I dont want to throw away but really dont need!
Not sure why Iam keep ing the rubbish, Maybe 2010 will be the year to oust it lol:)

24 Dec, 2009

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