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Growing spuds in Poly Pots 1


By chuffa

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*_ I was not that successful this year with my spuds. My second earlies, (Kestrel) were lost to the dreaded blight, but I did grow a blight resistant maincrop variety called Sarpo Axona from Hungary, that lived up to their reputation.

I have a contact on my website (Chuffa’s Allotment) that has grown spuds in Poly Pots with great success.

You take a 30 Ltr Poly Pot and one third fill it with bog standard compost. You then add some vitax q4 fertilizer to this and mix it together. You then place two chitted seed potatoes on top then cover to half way up the bag. As the spuds grow, you add more compost until you reach the top.
The roots grow into the ground, through hole in the bottom of the bag. The spuds are harvested at the same time as spuds grown in open soil.

You should be able to harvest around 5lb of spuds from each bag, so I should get around 100lb per bed.

These are the spuds that I will be growing for 2013:

First Early: 3 bags each of Accent, Carlingford and Vales Emerald

Second Early: 3 bags each of Kestrel, Osprey and Nicola.

Main crop: 9 bags each of Sarpo Mira and Sarpo Axona.

You’ll have to wait for “Growing spuds in Poly Pots 2” to see the results. *_

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Two 1 kilo bags of seed potatoes are enough to feed me for a year on my allotment. There should be enough there to feed an army!
Hoping you rotate all your crops. That is the correct prevention to avoid Blight. Also soot in the trench to prevent Thrips.
Always buy Scottish seed potatoes. It is well worth while paying the carriage to get them from Thompson and Morgan. Supermarket ones come from Holland where they are sprayed to prevent rotting from damp. This spray can seal some of the growing points.

Years ago I knew another lady allotmenteer who grew up out in the country in Scotland. The local farmer grew potatoes for seed. He would never allow any of the houses adjacent to his fields to grow potatoes in their gardens. Always planted a row for them and gave them all free potatoes. That kept his varieties true.

24 Aug, 2012

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