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Hi, I am Charlotte and I live in NW London with my family. We have a 35 foot garden, which for London is a good size. For 14 years I have gardened it as a cottage garden, to remind me of Devon where I grew up and have grown all the usual cottage garden contenders and also Damsons, apples and rhubarb as my main food crops. The garden looks lovely, kind of wild. By and large the plants that do best are the tough guys which don't mind some neglect and only the amount of water that the heavens provide. I don't get a lot of time in the garden and most of my weeding time is taken fighting back against the bind weed. This year I am branching out and trying to grow some food crops. I tried from seed last year but was totally defeated by the slug and snail population. This year I have bought in some organic plug plants to trial. If that works I shall try planting from seed inside and transferring to outside once big enough. So this year is a bit of an experiment to see how I do with this new venture.

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