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By ch0ban


this day I was coming back from the doctors, received another shot in the “backside” :) and even though every1 suggested me to just jump back into the house, I just couldnt resist taking a short walk through the garden, just to say hi to everything that has come out of the ground :) and while I was standing there, I thought of asking all of you a question :) so here it goes:
Is there ANY greater happines for a person who loves gardening than seeing a whole bunch of plants comming out of the earth :) today even the grass gave me joy :)
then I once remembered a conversation I had with my girlfriend
me: do you know why I am happy being in the garden working?
she: I really cannot understand that affection of yours!
me: I love it because gardening makes me LIVE SLOWER…… you do what you CAN to to your plant, flower, bush or whatever……and then you wait…. then you come back tomorrow, and see just a tiny move, just a tiiiiiiiny progress… if you’re thinking of speeding up the process, think again :)

AAAANYWAY……this is blogging right, I can talk whatever I want? :)))))))…..anyway… I’m 26, but gardening is the best thing that happened to me in a world so fast not even Dalai Lama can slow down :)

P.S.: Sorry for the picture quality, taken from a mobile phone ;)

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No need to apologize,.Bet you felt better being outside for a while and I agree it does give one pleasure,hope your health improves soon..........

1 Apr, 2009


It must have felt wonderful to be outside looking at all the new spring life. I think you're right, gardens, nature, does make you slow down. Everything happens when it is ready, not on someone elses schedule.
Take care and get well. :o)

2 Apr, 2009


Great blog Choban,
We all know exactly what you are saying because we are all afflicted with the same disease!
It looks as though you are still in the grip of winter there. We in the UK are blessed at the moment with unusually mild weather and everything is growing like mad, I swear yesterday you could see things growing before your eyes.
Good luck with your health and take care.

2 Apr, 2009


I agree. It's the best thing there is :o)

2 Apr, 2009

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