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stucked inside the house for a week


By ch0ban


i don’t normally write blogs… not that kind of a guy I guess… but hey, here it goes :)
two days ago I went to the doctors office and found out I have been having a minor pneumonia for the past month so I have to get stuck in the house during the next 7-10 days…. have to restrain myself from any stress, any kind of activity… just lying in the house :) I guess I am grounded now :)

so here I am, looking out the window and all I can think of is how many shovels of soil / dirt I have to dig out and can’t wait to start planting the flowers and re-decorating everything in the garden :)

anyway… I want to try something out… I attached a picture of what I sketched in 3D… it will be about 1,5m wide and a total height of maybe 0,8 metres…. haven’t done anything like this…cant wait to start building it:) any ideas what to plant in it? the place I am going to put this has just enough sun, about 4hours a day, everything I ever planted here came out great :)

I hope I havent bothered any1 with my post :)

Thanx for reading :)

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Next post: the garden awaits.... :)



Sorry to hear your grounded, but it is for your own good. This looks like a terrific idea. Will you be able to walk all around it? Maybe a flowing shrub in the middle to give it height and annuals on the other 2 tiers, or even low growing perrenials.? Do you want to go for 1 or 2 colours or a profusion?..........Have a think while your housebound.

29 Mar, 2009


You really will have to take the Dr's advice, this same thing happened to me years ago when in my 30's. Just be careful! I like your idea for the raised tower garden, looks feasible to me. Plan ahead for your garden, recruit family laborers to get things done if you can that book you always wanted to "War and Peace" or "Moby Dick"!!
Get better soon : )

29 Mar, 2009


Something red and upright in the top with trailing plants from each tier - wine fountain. Hope you're soon fighting fit again- no wonder you weren't feeling well.

29 Mar, 2009


ch0ban, make sure that you're better before going out.

for the top .... what about a miniature Rose, a bush fuschia or something that is grown for the colour of it's leaves, for the middle I love sweet williams and they have a wonderful scent, or petunias, for the bottom... something trailing, such as Aubrieta or a sedum.
You take care of yourself.
Gail x

29 Mar, 2009


Great sketch! How long did that take you to draw?

Yes - lots of trailing plants from each level would look wonderful. Fuchsias trail as well as standing up - what a feature that would make!

30 Mar, 2009


ch0ban, you make sure you rest up as the doctor ordered. Otherwise, you'll be laid up even longer.
Of course you haven't bothered anyone with your post. We love to hear of people's plans for their gardens and what is going on in people's lives.
I think your plan is fabulous. I agree, something trailing from each tier would be nice. I love aubrieta and they are so hardy. Of course, I like Daff's idea of the miniature rose....but then again, I'm a rose fanatic!! LOL
Whatever you decide on please post photos of your progress.
Oooo....almost forgot.....Welcome to GOY.

30 Mar, 2009

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