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I'm from Nebraska in the Middle of the U.S. My name is Heather. I work at Wal-Mart here. I'm not a big gardener yet but, I'm interested. I live in a house that's divided into two apartments. I live on the main level. There's a basement apartment. I don't have a big yard. My landlord doesn't mind if I raise flowers or anything as long as it won't cause damage to the house.
I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. It's farming country. It's very quiet here. The farthest city is 5 hours away the rest in between are not much bigger than my town. I have two Red Gerianiums I've had for about 3yrs. I'm shocked they lasted as long as they have. I'd be sad if they died. I own two female cat's Cinder(fluffy grey ash/cinder looking cat) and Sukey(grey and white with some yellowybrown specks. This one is very spunky.).When I signed up I didn't realize that there where more people from the U.K. on this site. I was just looking for a place to get my gardening questions answered it looked like a good place to start so I joined. Most of what I have for plants are houseplants so far. I have two small spots for flower beds. The rest would probably have to be in pots.

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