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In my sixties now and realising just how much fun gardening can be. Wish I had done it years ago. Inspired by my partner's mother, who incidentally turned 91 on 27 September 2016 and is still gardening! What she doesn't know about gardening could be written on a pinhead! She certainly keeps me right about all sorts. Have a fondness for flowers of all sizes and colours but I guess if I had a favourite it would be the simple pansy, not the fluted or double variety, the bog-standard pansy, closely followed by the nasturtium. I know they are easy-peasy flowers to bring on from seed and grow, but the colours never cease to disappoint and the way the nasturtium rambles through the garden is simply lovely. Another favourite is aquilagia. All are loved by bees and that is good enough for me.

As I have said I am late to gardening but anxious to learn, learn and learn more. I live with my partner who has no interest in gardening at all.....yet! He helps with the heavy stuff tho like digging and looking after the lawn but leaves the growing and greenhouse stuff to me.

I have an elderly cat Scooby who will be 20 next February. Her favourite pastime is sleeping in the sun (when we get it) lying against the garage door. Guess the heat from the sun on the garage door, helps her arthritic joints.

We are keen campers and having retired a few years ago made ourselves a challenge to visit every campsite in Scotland, before we get too long in the tooth for crawling in and out of a tent!

Other hobbies are photography (not very good at that either) reading and browsing on the computer.

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