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Help please.


By cactus


You know me better by the name “Blodyn” or Hywel.
I had a new computer on Friday and I’ve been trying to login to GOY.
I keep having a message saying “Login unsuccessfull”.
I tried many many times.
Then I tried to join again with the name “Blodyn” but kept being rejected.
Then I tried to login with the name “Cactus” and was accepted.
I want to be able to use the name “Blodyn” still.
What can I do to login and continue to use “Blodyn” as my name ?

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Hi Blodyn,
Try contacting the guys from G.O.Y in order to restore your original password. You will need to log on using your latest and newest password then click on the 'contact us' tab on this site - (Scroll down until you see the 'contact us' tab at the bottom of the pages on this site. It is in the brown shaded section,) and then send them a message explaining your problem.Im sure they will guide you through the process of transferring you back, so that you can log on by using your original name and password.
Im sure Ajay or someone else will help, as Peter was married yesterday and he will be away on honeymoon for a while.Hope this helps, and good luck with restoring your personal details,
Best wishes,

22 Jun, 2008


Thanks Grenville. I've tried that but I haven't heard anything yet. I'll give them some more time.

22 Jun, 2008


I have sent your cactus user name a private message which includes a new password for your old account.

22 Jun, 2008


Thanks Ajay.

22 Jun, 2008


I hope all's well now, Blodyn/Hywel/Cactus!!!! LOL. Bet it was frustrating at the time, though. Congrats on your new PC.

22 Jun, 2008


Hi Blodyn
what ever name you go by its great to have you back.

22 Jun, 2008


Glad you are all up and running again Blodyn /Cactus

22 Jun, 2008


Really pleased that you are back , hope your old name Blodyn will soon follow

22 Jun, 2008


Great 2 see u Back Blodyn :) & with a New Computer 2 ;)

22 Jun, 2008


Glad to see you're back Blodyn. Hope you're soon sorted - funny things computers, i find they seem to have a mind of their own and do what they want and not what you want them to sometimes lol :-)

23 Jun, 2008

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