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light bulb


By bren


I spent part of yesterday weeding,as I do most days.
But sitting, having a cup of tea this morning I had a light bulb moment.
cos there seems as many weeds to day as there was yeterday,and you know what I reckon.The damn things don,t grow during the day, they wait till it is dark and shoot up overnight,so you are back to square one,and,something else, they grow a lot quicker than plants

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I do believe that your light bulb moment 'lit' on a truth.(HAHA) It's also true that however many snails I get rid of, the same number take their place. There must be a law of nature that we know not of, don't you think? Off to pull up some more weeds...

20 May, 2008


They don't only grow over night. They pop out of the ground, full grown, as soon as you turn your back! Many times I weed an entire bed, looks great, turn around to pick up the weed pile and as I look back, there is three more that I "missed".

21 May, 2008


Why don't slugs and snails ever eat weeds ? If they did perhaps we wouldn't mind them in our gardens so much. I've recently seen clouds of Dandelion seeds drifting my way ready to take root in my new topsoil. Let them just try ! My mother, who is staying here since last year, said she used to make sandwiches of Dandelion Leaves when she was little. Mayby everything has it's uses - Can't think of one for slugs though.

21 May, 2008


its true i think blodyn everything has its uses, we just havent figured out what use slugs are lol, but guess birds would say they are tasty

21 May, 2008


And frogs, Irish

21 May, 2008


true ken,,,, forgot bout the poor frogs lol

21 May, 2008


I was thinking about the weeds this afternoon when I finished planting and I was putting everything away. Now that all my transplanting and planting is done all there is left to do is to enjoy the gardens and tackle the weeds.
There will be plenty of them for excersise all summer :)

23 May, 2008

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