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pricking out


By bren


Ive just spent a couple of peaceful hours pricking out and transplanting seedlings.this is one job I really do not like.I have pricked out Echiun pininana,two types of digitalis,impatiens nama—something or other, anyway they are a blue bizzy lizzie,courgettes,toms,and apple cucumbers.Mt sister bought the seeds over from Australia last year.they are the size and shape of apples, but are cucumbers.
and my bluetits eggs have hatched.the parents are in and out the nest every couple of minutes,and i,ve got starlings,yellow hammers,great tits,bullfinchs and greenfinchs on my feeders. It,s like a busy little cafe.
And they are all welcome. Bren

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sounds like you had a good day bren ... how many bluetit chicks do you think are hatched now?

16 May, 2008


Often the jobs we don't like are the ones that lead to the best results.( didn't put that very well but you know what I mean). I'm sure all your eforts will be well worth it.

17 May, 2008


I have know idea how many chicks there is,but we are going to a nursery this afternoon and next door there is a pet shop and he sell live mealworns so i might get a few if he advises it.And you are so right Blodyn,went a walk up the greenhouse first thing, and I got a great deal of satisfaction on seeing all the little baby plants in pots and not seed trays.

17 May, 2008

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