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My garden in mid-summer


As I write this, it’s the last day of summer, although it feels like we have not had much summer! I am only now getting around to posting some general views around the garden from mid-summer.

This area along the driveway was very dry, yet when it rained it flooded. Even grass was hard to grow. I dug ditches through the area to collect rain water that ran down the driveway. I had some deeper areas, but still dug an overflow to the main ditch along the road. After several years the area became a jungle. I like the concept of controlled jungle.

I combine some geraniums with other perennials. We grow a lot of daylilies and in this area they are situated behind some geraniums… This is where I work in the geraniums!

Just a sampling of the close to 100 varieties of daylilies we grow.

I really love tall plants!

Prairie Dock and Compass Plant are close relatives of the Cup Plant. Their flowers are the same, but the leaf shape is quite different.

Great for butterflies!

You can’t tell in the photos, but this butterfly garden is in the shape of a butterfly. The back wings have the tall plants, some Cup Plant at back, Lupins in middle with Blazing Star in front. The front wings have Globe Thistle, Echinacia, Daisies, etc.

This is an interesting rockery plant.

I know many see this as an invaisive alien, but I like it, and the bees love it. It is like a giant jewelweed.

I used to grow a lot of cannas. I got up to harvesting 5 bushels of rhizomes to bring in for the winter. All from a few rhizomes given to me by a member of the local hort club, Lorna Webb. There were regular green and red foliage. That was fine when I needed plants to fill gardens, but that is not the case now, so I bring in only enough to keep my canna circle planted.

We have picked up a few new varieties this year. I’m hoping they are as easy to over-winter as the old varieties.


There are a few hanging baskets and planters with pelargoniums. Don’t call them geraniums!

Erodiums are in the rockery areas.

The ‘Bidderi’ selection has very variable flowers. Sometimes extra petals, sometimes with dark blotches and sometimes without. All these were on the same plant. This variety is often sold under the name ‘Purple Haze’ or ‘Natascha’.

2016 EDIT: It is quite common for this Erodium to be wrongly named… It is NOT crispum (the real crispum is a much different pink flowered species)… This plant is Erodium cheilanthifolium ‘Album’. Very similar to the E. cheilanthifolium (previous photo) but the lower leaves are pure white, lacking the veining.

I think I need to do a separate blog on the rockery areas.

Last but not least (maybe it is least – it’s small enough)…

Some non-hardy erodiums are grown in pots placed around the rockery, and brought in for the winter.

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Wow what a beautiful garden - such variety - love your Erodiums - one of my favourite plants.

22 Sep, 2014


I hope you are retired by. This looks like a full time occupation. I can see you need to join the circle of Plantaholics on GOY (a recent blog by Spritzhenry). I like the idea of a butterfly shaped butterfly garden. You have lots of lovely different areas.

22 Sep, 2014


Your garden is a thriving ecosystem. I love all the diverse and colorful plants and that butterfly plant is really nice.

22 Sep, 2014


Wow what a lovely garden, love the daylilies (of course) :-) and agree with Wendy those erodiums are gorgeous.
I grow ironweed as well, grew it from seed a few years ago and at last its getting to be a good size clump, the flowers are just starting to open on mine. I'm a lover of big perennials too :-)

22 Sep, 2014


Your pics just leave me breathless. I wish the garden was within visiting distance - we would organise a GoY outing to come and admire it!

22 Sep, 2014


Good to see the Monarch butterflies in their natural
environment. Thank you for a wonderful blog.

23 Sep, 2014


A remarkable garden. Lots of knowledge of plants put into it. Makes our small plot look like a postage stamp! Your day lillies are marvellous. Mine are flagging and in need of dividing. A heavy job for a mature person. Those wonderul butterflies too. They are so endangered here in UK we seldom see them and feel honoured when they pay us a visit.

23 Sep, 2014


What a wonderful garden I could get myself lost in there wandering round admiring such diverse planting.

23 Sep, 2014


Absolutely much diversity.

24 Sep, 2014


Thanks very much for sharing your garden with us. I enjoyed my 'visit' very much indeed! :)

27 Sep, 2014


You have a lovely garden, thankyou for showing us around and for taking the time to name the plants, I like to see them mingling together in my garden as well.........

17 Oct, 2014


What a spectacular garden! Love the Terre Franche, the Erodiums, the rockery and the Monarchs . . . really lovely and added to favourites :)

7 Dec, 2014

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