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100 ,000 up.


Just noticed that nearly 100,000 photos been submitted on GOY ..congratulations to all an amazing total really enjoyed them – well not seen all obviously – some truly stunning photos .

Maths never my strong point but new members need not despair if you are able to click 5 likes a minute every minute of every day you should be able to get through them all in 2 weeks ..really should get out more ..

Would be hard to be exclusive as some great photos ..some of my favourites would be -

Gardens – Spritzhenry , Flowercrazy , Davids Chocolate

Nature – Flowercrazy , Tastyg – those hummingbirds wow

Most improved photographer – Clarice you never thought you d get the hang of it now look …

Water features – Dawn , NoseyPotters creations .

Humour – Irish , Toto and many more .. a smile priceless , thank you

Favourite member who probably doesnt know he is one – Milkys husband Ray.

Sure many others could be added and other categories included ..suggestions ?

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i could try to see them all by the time the spring comes again....i agree with your favorites but would like to add

rbtkew for his blogs i just love them.

greenthumb who stops me complaining about our weather in the winter...

Delonix who sends lovely sunshine photos that keep us warm on cold wet days...

6 Sep, 2009


Oh yes Sandra dont always thank such members as often as should due to so much here and work commitments - hopefully this blog will go some way to address that ..

Yes Greenthumb should probably qualify under most dedicated category those temps amazing ..brrr and Mikec who lifts his plants and stores them in his cellar ..

6 Sep, 2009


and Hywel who filled his livingroom with fuchsias last winter...

6 Sep, 2009


Of course thanks Sandra .. getting more senior moments than I thought forgotten I d forgotten ...thanks for the reminder : - )

6 Sep, 2009


i have to say i enjoy everyones pics and chat and fun of course, its hard to choose, BB i must say when it comes to storys of birds in the garden you and hubby are hard to beat, :o), mind you OB aka dan is getting good at story telling ,but all in all i love being with everyone on here :o))

6 Sep, 2009


I agree Sandra. One notable omission from your list is yourself who has delighted all of us with your great pics and blogs. Thanks you so much.

6 Sep, 2009


I agree with Sandra and Toto special thanks to you and Jane for some very entertaining pics..
what would we do without GOY...
May I suggest.
Research: Terratoonie
looking forward to Goys Winter Wellie Olympics at Vancouver (2010)

6 Sep, 2009


I too love the photos some of them are really stunning all originals, while others show ingenuity. Also good way to see what others are growing. I have got plants just because I saw the pic on here.

6 Sep, 2009


Thanks Sandra yes OBs blogs are great I d give him a special award for high speed blogs and photos more in a month than I ve managed in 18 months lol How on earth did he do them so well so quickly ?

Special mention of course to Jacque and all her sterling ork on putting photos in categories ..

Thanks Toto but could hardly include myself when attempting to recognise others ..fairly significant milestone isnt it ? mind boggling amount.

6 Sep, 2009


yes your right jane, jacque does a great job with the pics, so well done jacque :o)

6 Sep, 2009


A big pat on the back for everybody concerned I think for making the whole GOY experience such a happy one .. xx

6 Sep, 2009


I agree Amy! I also nominate OB (DAN!) cos I just love his blogs, Indy for his sense of the ridiculous, Digger, just cos! Spritzhenry, Terratoonie & Crazydi for all the advice, help & encouragement & Fluff for her bravery!
Best newcomer for me has to be Romneya! I've probably missed loads out, but if I missed you, I'll put you in my Oscars acceptance speech!!

6 Sep, 2009


I could not pick anyone as i love everybodies, but suppose i like wildlife photos best.

6 Sep, 2009


AH!!! Thanks Carol! Noseypotter! His work is astounding!

6 Sep, 2009


well said amy, i agree, :o)
yes NP is great at what he does i have to say :o)

6 Sep, 2009


It's OK until you get confused and click on the wrong icon :o))))
But I agree wholeheartedly Ob's and your own blogs are stupendous how you get those birds to sit still for you I'll never know.

6 Sep, 2009

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