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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share some pictures of our regular garden visitors. We have had so many in the last few weeks so lovely to sit and watch them come and go!

We sat outside in the garden a few weeks back and took part in the RSPB Garden Birdwatch which was great. We were lucky enough to record quite a few different birds in that hour so we were pleased to be doing our bit for nature!

In one hour we saw our usual feathered friends such as the Blackbirds Robins and Magpies but had visits from Blue Tits, Great Tits, Wren and a Goldcrest.

I also had a Birdwatch supervisor by the name of Smudge!

As the weather has been so cold, we have had some regular visits from our Sparrowhawk!

She is well camouflaged in the middle of the trees…

This one sat on top of the conifer had some prey but couldn’t tell what it was…

We have moved some of our bird feeders around and found that the new spot is a real hit!!

Gorgeous little Great Tit enjoying the seeds

Mr and Mrs Blackbird taking turns on the feeder

The three feathered amigo’s!! The Pigeon, The Blackbird and The Dunnock! So funny to watch…..

We topped off our Birdy Week with a visit in Half Term to the Falconry Centre near Hagley….

Great to see such power and beauty close up…

We are now in the process of siting a new nesting box for the birds so will post some pics when we see some activity…… Thanks for reading the blog :)))))

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Lovely photos. All the birds are great, but the birds of prey are magnificent.

27 Feb, 2013


Some great pictures!

27 Feb, 2013


Is the little owl 'Bruno'? He is lovely. Great to have so many birds in your garden

27 Feb, 2013


Lovely blog and pics, I think its good when the birds share and wait their turn at the feeders, unlike the starlings who always seem to squabble, now they really are comical.....

27 Feb, 2013


My brother used to have a cat exactly like yours. She was called Jess.
I'm pleased you have many different birds visiting your garden. It's nice to see wild animals surviving the winter.

Sorry I couldn't look at the last few photos. I have a phobia, but I try to look at small birds. I don't find them so bad, so I enjoyed the first ones :o))

28 Feb, 2013


Thanks Lijemc & Paul the gardener
Yes Stickitoffee it is Bruno such a sweet little thing just wanted to give him a cuddle! Have you also been there?
Thanks Linclass, they are a joy to watch would like to see the starlings though...we don't get many around here
Thanks Hywel, it is great to see them surviving the winter knowing you are doing your bit to help them through it..sorry you couldn't see the last few pics but glad you enjoyed the others. How is Blodyn? x

28 Feb, 2013


Blodyn's been very ill these past few days and I was worried about her. She's better now and the vet is pleased with her progress.
Thanks for asking :o) x

28 Feb, 2013


Sorry to hear she's been poorly Hywel, glad she is getting better though now :) x

28 Feb, 2013


Yes Beverley ~ I was there in half term week, Bruno was really sweet ~ he was sitting at the back of his cage but when I went to try to take a photo he flew to the front perch so I got a better picture [even though the wire was in the way a bit!] he must be such a friendly little bird

28 Feb, 2013


Oh brill, it's great there isn't it? Lovely seeing the birds of prey. When we went to see Bruno he was sitting at the front of the enclosure so we were able to get a close up pic. Such a sweetie....After being at Webb's we then ventured to Barnett Hill GC which always has some great bargains to be had. On the way home we were lucky enough to see a Buzzard in the field which made our day...

28 Feb, 2013


barnett hill ~ i dont think i have been there unless its the clent one? thanks for that beverley ~ i shall look it up!

i am nearer the bigger webbs so i was quite surprised how small this one was.

wow buzzards are amazing arent they ~ i would love to get a photo of one.

if you like little owls there is a great blog that bampy wrote about one on here:

28 Feb, 2013


Enjoyed the blog Bev.Lovely pics. The three amigos were probably having a sing off. Bridge Over Troubled Warblers?... Our Grouse, In The Middle Of Our Tweet! :)))

28 Feb, 2013

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