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Planning the new garden beds (continuing on from last blog).


By bernieh


Already starting ordering new plants for my new garden beds – so exciting. My hubbie actually came up with an idea for the beds (wonders will never cease!) He thinks it should look a bit like an artist’s palette with different shades of colours grouped together in the separate beds. You’d swear he’s been sneaking a look on GOY!

So the idea is for a bed of reds and oranges,
a bed of yellows, greens and creams,
a bed of pinks, purples, and blues
a bed of whites and darks.

I’ve ordered some things from the Garden Express catalogue (first order – there will be more! Oh yes!) These photos are from the catalogue:

Purples and Pink:

(L to R)
Deutzia hybrid ‘Magicien’
Bletilla striata (Chinese Ground Orchid)
Stylidium Graminifolium (Trigger Plant).

Reds and Oranges:

Alstroemeria ‘Red Fury’ ( the ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘Regina’ will be going in the pinks bed, of course)
Callistemon ‘Pink Champagne’ (although it looks orange to me)
Sprekelia Formosissima
Anigozanthus hybrid (Kangaroo Paw) ‘Bush Ranger’.


Gladiolus Callianthus (Peacock Orchids)
a beautiful geranium – Geranium Sessiliflorum ‘Thundercloud’

I already have some plants ready for planting when the time comes:

(going clockwise form the top left)
Euphorbia Pulcherrima (Red Poinsettia)
Pelargonium peltatum ‘Lulu’
Acalypha ‘Inferno’
Cordyline ‘Red Wings’

Pinks and Blues:

(clockwise from the top left)
Buddleia Davidii ‘Pink Delight’
Plectranthus Parviflorus (Blue Spires)
Gomphrena leontopodioides ‘Empress’
Kalanchoe pumila (Quicksilver)
Osteospermum ecklonis ‘Passion’ (African Daisy)
Dichorisandra Thyrsiflora (Blue Ginger)
Barleria ‘Purple Gem’


(clockwise from the top left)
Osteospermum ‘Tradewinds’
Pelargonium and Gazanias
Pedilanthus tithymaloides ‘variegata’ (Slipper Plant)
Wax begonia
Scaevola ‘White Fan’
Angelonia Dwarf (what we call Granny’s Cap in the centre)

Yellows and Creams:

Ixora ‘Splash’ (this will get little yellow flowers)
Galphimia Glauca (Gold Shower)
Turnea Ulmifolia (Yellow Alder)
Bracteantha bracteata (Paper Daisy)


Calibrachoa var. Sunbelore (Million Bells – Orange Chimes)


Hemigraphis exotica (Purple Waffle Plant)
Cordyline ‘Chocolate Swirl’
Cordyline fruticosa ‘Caruba Black’

So it has begun! Everything is on target for the spring planting.

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Sounds and looks like it's gonna be an exciting time come Spring then! Lucky you!

Look forward to seeing the pics :0)

9 Aug, 2009


May be your hubby as. Good luck with your new bed.

9 Aug, 2009


You're going to have a lovely colourful garden. I hope you'll show us plenty of photos. I like the idea of an artist's pallet

9 Aug, 2009


Thanks Oddbillie, Clarice and Hywel. It's been a while since I planned out a new garden space - almost forgotten who great it is. Already having lots of fun with the planning and the buying, but I'm really looking forward to planting time.

9 Aug, 2009


It looks stunning, I hope you do post lots and lots of photos.
I really like the white geranium with the really dark foliage, I'm definatly adding that to my wish list :~))

9 Aug, 2009


Thanks Ian - definitely will share photos as it fills out. Totally agree about the geranium - just had to have that one when I spotted it! It's a groundcover plant that doesn't grow very tall and the flowers are quite small - but I love the maroon foliage.

9 Aug, 2009


I hope I can find it here in the UK, its really nice and one I would like. :~))

9 Aug, 2009


What a wonderful selection! Are they all hardy for you over there? Some of them wouldn't be, here.

Have fun - and remember to take 'before and after' photos for us!

9 Aug, 2009


Ian - I hope you can find the geranium. I know it originated in New Zealand, been developed by a nursery here in Queensland, so I'm not sure if it's been marketed over in UK yet.

9 Aug, 2009


Thanks Spritz - as I've said, I haven't had to plan new garden beds for such a long time so I'm having a ball with this. Hubbie thinks I've lost it - yet he seems to be interested in what I'm ordering and how all the plants I've already got are coming along. All these plants are hardy, but Mother Nature can throw some real tantrums over here, so we'll see how they survive.

9 Aug, 2009


If anyone can tell me if its available I'm sure I won't have to go far for the answer. Someone here on GoY will know, or at least know how to find out :~))

9 Aug, 2009


Should ask Spritz. I'm sure she would know or at least give you an idea of something very similar.

9 Aug, 2009


Lovely Bernieh what a nice idea - a painter's palette clever hubby!

The flowers look gorgeous and so colourful enjoy your planting when they arrive

9 Aug, 2009


Thanks Neellan - yes it was a total surprise that hubbie was even thinking about it! He's more your slash and destroy type of gardener - have lost quite a few plants over the years as a result of his gardening efforts! Seems he's coming around. I'm definitely enjoying this project.

9 Aug, 2009


Thats lovely for you great if he gets the bug too! a joint venture may it be the first of many!

9 Aug, 2009


Now that would be a true miracle!

9 Aug, 2009


They do happen - so I'm told!! :o))

9 Aug, 2009


I am sure we will get to see a lot of beautiful pics in future.I can understand the feelings and contentment you would get after achieving all this...wish you all the luck...

10 Aug, 2009


Thanks Arsh - I'm hoping it works out as I've imagined it, fingers crossed.

10 Aug, 2009


your gardens going to be lovely...............

10 Aug, 2009


Hope so Hollyeves.

10 Aug, 2009


looks like its going to be fantastic loving the idea of the Bletilla striata as you know in the short time we spoke on here i love terrestrial orchids,there is a nice variegated form of it as well.Stunning choice of plants.

10 Aug, 2009


Yes I do remember you have a few terrestrial orchids - I, on the other hand, have never grown any before. I'm looking forward to seeing this one grow and bloom! I was also looking at getting a Sarcochilus Hartmannii (Rock Orchid) and a Dockrilla Schoenina (the Rat Tail Orchid) - both natives I think. They are on the wishlist!

10 Aug, 2009


Bernie, that particular Geranium isn't available in the far as I can find out, but before Ian despairs, there is a very similar one - I'll PM him with the details etc.

10 Aug, 2009


Thanks Spritz - it's amazing to think Ian's asking about geraniums!!

10 Aug, 2009


It's wonderful! I shall tell him all the details when he feels better.

11 Aug, 2009


I think this is a wonderful idea Bernie, it will look amazing when it all comes together, can't wait for next Spring to see it LOL

14 Aug, 2009


Thanks Pamazon - I just have to figure out a way to keep the wallabies from munching on my flowers. I found one of them munching their way through the kalanchoe just two days ago - it's in its' pot sitting out in the bed getting used to its' new home and now it's missing lots of flowers.

14 Aug, 2009


In the words of the song :

"Truly scrumptious, really, truly scrumptious" !!

Another joy to look forward to !

30 Aug, 2009


Here's hoping, Sue. Just got to keep those hungry wallabies away!

30 Aug, 2009

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