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Another Autumn gardening weekend is over.


By bernieh


It’s almost mid-Autumn here in Oz and in we’re in the middle of sowing seedlings or potting up seedlings that have already taken off. Here in my region – the wet/dry tropics – we can sow a limited range of flowers and I have a few favourites that grow particularly well in my particular corner of the region:
alyssum, balsam, celosia, cockscomb, coleus, dianthus, gazanias, pelargoniums, gerberas, impatiens, marigolds, nasturtiums, petunia, portulacas, salvias, snapdragons, torenias and violas, as well as some of the smaller pansies.

I’ve been very pleased with the growth of the seeds sown so far this year. These seedlings were potted up just a couple of weeks ago:

Now they’re taking off:

I went to the nursery yesterday to top up with a few more seedlings:

The petunias I planted out have taken off:

So have the portulaca seedlings (from last year’s flowers):

So have the New Guinea impatiens cuttings, which I’ve planted with lobelia seedlings:

I’ve also been very busy weeding and preparing garden beds for more planting, as well as fertilising and mulching the newly planted garden beds:

My lovely tree begonia is recovering nicely after the guinea pig ordeal:

The greenhouse is also recovering after the guinea pig and grasshopper feasting the went on for a couple of weeks (you will probably notice all the pots and trays of seedlings along the tops of the blocks – ran out of room on the long shelf at the other end of the greenhouse!):

Well weekend’s over – next weekend I’m jetting off to spend the Easter long weekend with my sons and grandchildren, so no gardening (I’ll try to enjoy my weekend!!!)

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what lovely looking plants, and it looks so tropical... Sigh!
I have 2 brother in laws in Oz, Adelaide to be exact.
Enjoy your weekend!!

5 Apr, 2009


It seems very odd that you have your flowering time in your winter at the same time as ours are blooming here. Good way of avoiding the heat of your summers I suppose.

5 Apr, 2009


I like those plants you're planting now. They'll brighten up the winter for you. They only grow in summer here.
Poor Guinea pig :o(

5 Apr, 2009


So did the guinea pig feast on the seedlings or the grasshoppers? =0 Very nice plants, Bernieh, love your portulacas. It's still not quite hot enough here for them but we're getting there!

6 Apr, 2009


Hi Raquel - no the guinea pig ate his way through lots of neomaricas (the iris plants) as well as the begonias. The grasshoppers however munched their way through whatever they could - lots of holey plants left everywhere!

6 Apr, 2009


Lovely photos and blog Bernieh.

7 Apr, 2009


Goodness! Hope the guinea pig didn't get sick! Bad grasshoppers - but I don't feel sorry for them because I don't like them - for some reason they give me the willies!

12 Apr, 2009

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