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My Palms - not sure of the names of a few and need help to identify them.


By bernieh


I know these as Golden Cane (Dypsis lutescens, I think) and I’ve got about 30 of these growing on the property, mainly down the long driveway into our place. The tallest is about 7 metres high.

This shows the fruit on one of them:

I have one under the pergola and two in pots in the courtyard:

I have the majestic Queen Palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana) which stands at around 8 metres and drops orange fruit everywhere. It is considered a noxious plant because the fruit bats have dropped the seeds all over parts of Queensland and northern New South Wales and it has become naturalised in native forests and rainforests.

I also have the Triangular Palm – Neodypsis decaryi.

I have some coconut palms – cocos nucifera – only the two tallest have fruit.

Now for the palms I don’t know the names of – need help with these!

This one has bamboo-like stems and orange bracts? (I’m not sure what they’re called).

I have three of these – they have sharp thorns on the bottom of the stems.
This is the biggest one – stands around 6 metres tall:

These are the thorny stems:

This is one of the littlest and you can clearly see the thorns:

Now this one I don’t know (it has thorns!):

Nor do I know this one (looks a bit like the last one but has no thorns):

This one is quite small and I have no idea about it either:

And now this one – which is quite tall at around 7 metres:

And then there is this one which has quite slender stems and it is also around 5 metres tall:

Finally I’m sure this one is called the Fishtail Palm – Caryota mitis:

Well they are my palms and I would appreciate it if anyone could name a few of the unknowns for me.

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Hey Bernieh, I think one of your palms is the yellow latan palm (latania verschaffeltii). The small one with the cute leaves. Try googling to verify. The red ones we have it in Singapore too. i saw it yesterday at the Botanic garden. I shd have copied down the name.

You have many palm trees :) very tropical feel..I feel at home

15 Feb, 2009


Ah ha..I found it. It's the red sealing wax palm (Crytostachys lakka) , native to Southeast Asia, Australia and East Indies.

15 Feb, 2009


Sorry I can't name your palms but I enjoyed looking at them. They have fantastic fronds.

15 Feb, 2009


I agree with Hywel.
Wonderful photos :o)

15 Feb, 2009


Agree..they look superb...

15 Feb, 2009


Pity we can't grow these over here, Bernie. Maybe Marguerite might know some of them? They are wonderful shapes. Sorry I can't help.

15 Feb, 2009


I have never seen so many palms you must have an enormous garden, they all look very healthy.......loved the pictures just sorry cannot help you with the names.

15 Feb, 2009


I think they are Chamaerops Humilis - Hardy Fan Palm. There are many of these fan palms so I may be totally wrong. I love palms and I love your blog

15 Feb, 2009


You have beautiful you eat the coconuts?

15 Feb, 2009


Well thanks all for the lovely comments. I checked the Latan palm, the Sealing Wax Palm and the Hardy Fan Palm - but I'm still not sure they match exactly. Andrearichter you're right - there are lots of fan palms!! Raquel - as neither my hubbie nor I are big fans of coconut, they just fall to the ground and roll down the hill!! (bit of a waste really)

15 Feb, 2009


Hi Bernieh, I love all your palms. Wish they would grow around here. I can't help you with any of the names but I did enjoy seeing them all. :o)

16 Feb, 2009



I will identify what I know in numerical order:

1. Dypsis decaryi (old name Neodypsis decaryi)

2. Chamaedorea seifrizii (syn: erumpens) - Bamboo Palm

3. Elaeis guineensis - African Oil Palm? -Does is produce any fruit? (Pic after Bamboo Palm)

4. Fan Palm with thorns - Livistona species (which are native to Australia) too many species native to your area to identify without looking at this palm in flower.

5. Fan Palm with no thorns - Pritchardia species (probably paicifica or thurstonii)

6. Next one - Licuala ramsayi - which are native to Queensland, Australia.

7. Next one: Adonidia merrillii - Christmas Palm? Does it have bright red fruit?

8. Next one: not clear enough for me to identify.

9. Last one: Fishtail Palm - Caryota mitis (only if it clusters) There's many species of Caryota

16 Feb, 2009


Yes thanks again Marguerite I was also sure I didn't have a lipstick. I will check out that website and see if I can match the photos with names.

15 Mar, 2009



I'm not sure if I agree with you. The 15th palm photo from the top is a Livistona species...however, Livistona chinensis has dropping tips and has a costapalmate frond.

The 17th Palm photo from the top is some species of Licuala - it's difficult to tell from the angle of the photo, however, I'm almost positive it is Licuala ramsayi - because it has large divided leaflets.

The 16th palm from the top maybe a Pritchardia's very really difficult to tell from this photo. Generally, they have very orbicular fronds...especially when you.

18 Mar, 2009

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