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By balcony


Does anybody on GoY regularly take photos of Public Garden Displays? I may be a rare species of person who does just that!

Here where I live the public parks have practically no displays to speak of & those there were have now been grassed over! :’(

Having said that there are some really lovely flower beds on the ring road & over the last few years I’ve taken many photos of these beds from the day of planting up to the day the plants are pulled up & taken away to be composted.

Many of the photos were taken on a Saturday morning between 8 & 9am on alternate weeks on my way home from my work at a factory after finishing the night shift.

Here are a few examples:

All these photos were taken on 27th March this year. Unlike the others I have these were taken in the afternoon & not in the morning. They are planted up with Pansies, which are flowering their heads off!

The two round beds are just a couple that can be found in a triangular where the ring road both starts & stops being a ring road to become a single bidirectional road. The ring road encircles the town centre taking all the traffic around the outside of the town centre. The High Street is now a pedestrian zone in all its length.

Along the ring road there are more beds, as can be seen in the third photo above.

These are from other locations on the ring road & taken on a Saturday morning, the 1st one is from August 2007, the 2nd one is from June 2008, while the last one is from September 2008 & shows how effective many Ivy Leafed Geraniums can look!

Whoever is the council’s head gardener for these flower beds deserves a medal! Don’t you think so?

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i often take photos in parks etc as it gives me ideas for the future.
you are not strange at all or if you are so am i.

in denmark 20 yrs ago they had fantastic displays of birds and bees all done in bedding.

some times these beds can be so distracting i have to be careful not to cause a car shunt!

8 Apr, 2009


We told you... LOL... you belong here. check out rbtkew's blogs on Kew and Raquel's on Bayou Bend that they have shared with us and that is not even close to the tip of the iceburg. Believe me you will be blessed reading the blogs and being able to visit the gardens through pictures is better than not at all.

continue getting hooked...I dare you!

8 Apr, 2009


It's great when a local authority care enough to invest some of your money in these schemes - I'm sure our town environments have an effect on our mental health, in this case, positive. Congrats to Cambridge council.

8 Apr, 2009


I second Waggers comment,and yes the photo,s show how impressive the gardens are.However Sbg has a very valid point they can be a distraction so I guess we better stick to shrubs in most places...............

8 Apr, 2009


Ah, but when you're a passenger, what a joy they are! I'm really pleased to see flowers around towns. On the main roads leading to our nearest town, there are massed Daffodils along the verges - what a treat they have been!

8 Apr, 2009


I fully agree with all the comments above. Last year at the Chelsea flower show Leeds council had a fantastic show garden created by students and apprentices I think.
They are probably suffering from lack of funding but still manage to do a great job.
Many councils around Yorkshire plant up the roundabouts and public areas which makes your journey a little more pleasurable.

9 Apr, 2009


crocuses in the approaches to Hull and Harrogate are spectacular. prefer them to daffs but daffs are still pretty.

9 Apr, 2009


Hav'nt been to Hull lately but the large open grassy areas in Harrogate look fantastic with the crocuses especialy in the morning sunlight.

9 Apr, 2009


I think displays like these are dying out. There's a roundabout near here where they've taken up all the plants and put gravel instead. It looks awfull.
Your photos are lovely.

9 Apr, 2009

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