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Back from sunny, but very cold, Spain


By balcony


Back from sunny, but very cold, Spain

We are back from sunny, but very cold, Spain after spending 10 days with our family in Cuenca. We went over for my mother-in-law’s 90th & my sister-in-law’s 62nd birthdays. They are both on the same day!

We met our latest Spanish granddaughter, Alma, who was born in September, for the first time. :-))

We had planned originally on going over to be present at her birth, as we did with our youngest son’s daughter, Ainara, 2 years ago.

But our daughter here in the UK was also pregnant & was expected to give birth at the end of November. Circumstances dictated otherwise & we weren’t able to go over for the birth in October. As things turned out it was just as well because she was born a month premature! Mum & baby Alma are doing fine. :-))

I’ve already mentioned the birth of our daughter’s baby, (George), back in November.

Well he is growing up very fast & even during the 2 weeks we weren’t able to see him, has grown a lot!

I have lots of photos, not only of our two Spanish granddaughters, but also of Cuenca – not just building either – but of a Spanish tradition held every year on January 5th, The Three Kings’ Parade. So I have material for a couple of more blogs during this month. :-))

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You are very blessed , Balcony, with some lovely grandchildren!

18 Jan, 2015


Oh how lovely Balcony, dark and chilly out but this delightful blog has made my morning, thanks for sharing xxx

19 Jan, 2015


Hi Balcony ..
congratulations on the lovely new additions to your family ... happy photos :o) xxx

19 Jan, 2015


Thank you for your kind comments! :-)) This blog was just an explanation of why I haven't been seen on GoY up to now this year.

I thought it would be a good idea also to present our two Spanish grandkids in society at the same time as explaining my absence.

19 Jan, 2015


Lovely photos Balc, what little beauties they are! You must have been thrilled to meet little Alma. By the way my new Amaryllis has two shoots coming....:)).

19 Jan, 2015


A gorgeous set of photo's Balcony, that must have been a great trip for you and your wife visiting the family, seeing your lovely grandchidren, thankyou for sharing.

20 Jan, 2015


Congratulations on your new grand children :o)

20 Jan, 2015


Thank you all for commenting on my blog! :-))

We were indeed very happy to get to know Alma for the first time & also to renew our contact with Ainara. For the first couple of days after we left our son told us she had been asking for us! Which, as you can imagine, thrilled us no end! :-))

We may be seeing Ainara a lot more as our son is having to close his business out there & they are thinking of coming to the UK to live & work - for a year at least! There is just no work in Spain & more & more people are coming to this country from there.

Our son lived here in the UK for 4 years as we brought our 3 children over & he was just a couple of days passed his first birthday when we came back here.

21 Jan, 2015


A belated welcome back to the cold B........great to meet the little ones, grandkids are the best arnt they? look forward to your other blogs.

25 Jan, 2015


Hi DD & thanks for your comment. :-)) I have to agree that gkids are the best! We have had no end of great times with them - especially our very first one, Kirsty, 8 end of March, as we had her the most time. She spent almost more time with us her first couple of years before going to nursery than with her parents at home as both were working.

We miss not seeing our first Spanish gdaughter, Ainara, but we so much enjoyed the few hours we were able to spend with her this time around! :-))

Our 2nd Spanish gdaughter, Alma, is only a few months old so she won't recognise us the next time she sees us. :-(( Even though it's only 9 months since we last saw Ainara even she didn't recognise us though she had seen the video we made for her 2nd birthday last November.

26 Jan, 2015


You need FaceTime so you could speak every week then!!

27 Jan, 2015


Thanks for the suggestion DD but we only have Windows on our computers & an Android tablet so won't work for us.

I had Skype on my computer for years but 6 months or so ago they brought out a new version & now it doesn't support my webcam any more. I can't even sign into any longer as the computer or Skype "lost" my password & I can no longer get back in. The saved passwords I had don't work & the forgotten password form is of no use either - I tried it several times over a couple of months. I can't sign in with my Hotmail account either so I've given up on Skype.

I just use 'Whatsapps' on my mobile phone now.

27 Jan, 2015

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