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Long rest from garden


This time last year I had a falling over accident, which cause me much pain; my own fault.!
However, towards the end of last year I had men take down my enormous overgrown fig; 30 years ago I had planted it, as per iinstructions, in a container to stop the roots growing. This was easy, I bought a water tank (black plastic) and right up to last October I was picking gorgeous figs. But I could not face pruning off this fig as it was too large and I was hurting; so men came and did that for me. However, this left a bit of the top of the rim of the water tank showing above ground. So engaged two sturdy Polish boys to come and yank it out. This caused me much amusement, as I watched them from the kitchen window begin the job. The first one just dug and dug,… his brother wandered up the garden…but after about 15 minutes the second one came to assist; so both of them continued digging and digging – from OUTSIDE of the tank, never coming to the end it seemed. Sweating and panting in Polish,( good job I could not understand,) they got hold of the top of the tank and heaved, both of them, expecting it to come up. But it stayed, stuck – this was after 20 minutes of labour. By now I was giggling away..surely, strong men like this could manage – I said “start digging from inside the tank” which they then did; got to the bottom, and found that – through the perforation holes which I had originally made, the roots were very strongly clinging on like a claw, and would not let go. Finally, after nearly half an hour of struggle, it emerged. I hardly had the heart to ask them to level the ground, which was the original bargain….but they did their best.! I now have a nice little corner of the garden where I can grow fruit trees in pots; see picture. Also, just took a picture of the Michaelmas Daisies, which are absolutely buzzing with bees, so nice to see.

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Ha ha.....what would we do without our strong, willing Polish friends!
Nice, amusing blog.

28 Sep, 2016


I have been laughing while reading this blog as I myself was digging up a very old rose bush which took me an age to do and thought that if anyone was watching me they would be laughing as well, still , I eventually got the rose bush out but had to leave some roots in. x

28 Sep, 2016


Oh that is so typical of non gardeners not realising the roots holding it down :o)

so you have a new planting space. look forward to updates on what you eventually grow.
hope you are hurting less too :o0

28 Sep, 2016


I was so sorry to read that you had had a fall, hope you are recovering. This did make me laugh as I have just dug up a conifer that the previous owner had planted it in a container in the ground. Lucky it was only a small container so didn't take long but the conifer had gone very brown, I think due to the container being too small. One of my next jobs is to dig up a fig tree that she has done the same to, very small container again and planted in total shade. I had a fig tree in my last garden given to us by one of our customers and like you used to get tons of fruit off it.

29 Sep, 2016

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