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I have been trying to grow for many years, with very little sucess, until I turned to the internet for advice on my troublesome garden.
I joined growsonyou last year and began listing my plants details so that I could discover my mistakes. Seeing the member's wonderful gardens gave me the inspiration to compleate my baren patchs and create a theme for me to work from.
After many back aches and scuffs to fingers and nails. I am pleased to say this year I can see the beginings of a delightful place to be. And I am hoping to see it grow and mature over the next few years.

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  • IMG 1613 (berberis darwinii barberry)
  • darwinni (berberis darwinii barberry)
  • balloon flower (platycodon)
  • 2009

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Joined in Jun 2010

Country: United Kingdom

County: West Yorkshire