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Still no solution to the huge ash tree


You may or may not recall my complaints about the very large ash tree which is growing just a foot from our boundary fence in a neighbour’s garden. Well, we at long last managed to speak to her when she said she intended to have the tree taken down. Yippee! We offered to make a contribution which seemed to please her and she also said she would have the massive lime tree pollarded. This meant we would finally have afternoon sun in our garden.

That was well over two months ago and she hasn’t been back to the house since. Apparently she lives in Yorkshire with her partner and only visits a couple of times a year leaving the house for the occasional use of her adult son. Now I believe it’s too late to remove the tree, even if she were here to organise it as it looks as if the birds are beginning to nest. A blue tit has been viewing our house on the pergola and I can see a nest in the lime tree.

So, it looks like another year without much sunshine.

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On the one hand it means you get no sunshine, but the plus is that you have a beautiful tree to look at, and all the birdlife and other wildlife it attracts to enjoy. You could also look at it that it provides natural shade from the hot sun for you and your plants?

26 Feb, 2016


I've thought of all those advantages, Louisa, but the fact remains that I just love sunshine even if it doesn't like me. Also we have the dreaded extra problem of the ash seedlings. Last year I must have pulled out hundreds of the pesky things. I'm trying to attract the wildlife and have put in plants and shrubs for this.

26 Feb, 2016


Ash die back is heading your way....

26 Feb, 2016


I wish! And that's from someone who loves trees and cries when they come down. There are exceptions to every rule though.

26 Feb, 2016


MatureTrees can be a terrible nuisance, we have had our mature trees pruned again this year see my latest blog and a lot of shrubs cut back. It is easy for a neighbour with a second home to promise something and then vanish. I could not allow our mature hawthorn to be cut at as the birds love it. They meet there in the morning and sun themselves. Go on our feeders, then take off in a bunch....oops a rude go about their birdie business. I sympathise with your distress, as squirrels bury our hazel nuts all over the garden. I have to put up with it or get shot of it.

1 Mar, 2016


I do sympathise as I have one just over my fence which belongs to the Council. They refuse to lope it or anything as it 'doesn't do the tree any good'! It has shed numerous branches into my garden causing damage (which they always pay for fortunately) but in high winds I am a nervous wreck as it is tall enough to come crashing into my bungalow. I too wish the Ash die back would strike it but then feel guilty about thinking that too as it has caused havoc in our local woods :(

I hope your absent neighbour returns at a time when the work can be carried out.

1 Mar, 2016


Just been to a Garden Club talk on pests and diseases. Ash Die Back came up and my heart sank. Apparently it takes a very long time for the tree to die as it starts at the top and works its way downwards.

And now I find that my newly planted Sarcococca in its pretty blue tub has some vine weevil damage so I'm going to have to buy something to stop it. I only hope the grubs aren't already chewing through the roots.

It was a very scary talk!

1 Mar, 2016


Really sad to read your problem and with a neighbour who it not even resident!
Could you not have a word with the Council about damage to the fencing (if it's yours), how far the roots spread under your lawn and how panic stricken (lay it on thick, I play on my age for anything that helps!) you are it will fall your way. They might just at least get it reduced in height.
It looks quite close to her house, does she not worry about her own footings?
p.s. The 'like' was in sympathy not because I like your problem!

11 Mar, 2016


Thanks Honeysuckle. I do tend not to play the age card if I can help it but in this instance I could. However, while the tree is very close to her house - she's never there so why worry? - I don't honestly think it causes a real threat to the fence, more likely her house. I am tempted to drop another note through the door which her son will pick up and, hopefully, tell her about. I'd not have to tell Him Indoors though as he won't risk anything that may cause ill feeling. I don't know if he's like this naturally or if it comes from a very bad experience when he was evacuated during WW2. It's flipping annoying though!

11 Mar, 2016

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