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1. Grass free lawn and 2. Bees in the garden


By anujag


1. I saw this news item last night:

Nice idea, actually. Is anyone interested in trying? What do you think?

2. It has been doubly nice to open the door to the garden the last few weeks because of the perfume of flowers. However, since a couple of days, the smell is rather unpleasant because of my Sorbus Joseph Rock in flower. The positive side of this? – the constant buzzing of bees. I have not seen any flower draw the bees as much as this tree. And that makes me really happy. I think I can put up with the odd smell for a few days if the bees love the flowers so much!

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Much better than boring old grass ... and think of the bees and other insects it would attract :o)

12 Jun, 2013


If everyone kept a small wild area in the garden it would help too, even nettles and the dreaded ragwort have their uses

12 Jun, 2013


I have nettles growing in between the strawberries....the insects love nettle flowers...I think I have said before that to me there is not such a thing as a weed....they all have their I just let them grow...not much weeding for me to do....if any.

12 Jun, 2013


I bet it still takes a lot of upkeep though - nettles buttercups and dandelions do not appear and in my garden they soon would! And so would grass. Kids couldn't play footie on it either. But for insects its a great idea - just wouldn't do instead of a lawn for a family would it? Hope the idea spreads to lots of other public spaces.

12 Jun, 2013


I saw that on the news last night and I liked it. It looked really good, but I still prefer a traditional lawn and wouldn't have room to do both!

12 Jun, 2013


Thanks for the comments! I have always liked the idea that Pam has suggested, of leaving a small area in the garden for local wildflowers and I am trying to do it. Other invasive plants have made it a little difficult, but I hope to get there!

13 Jun, 2013


Hope it works out well for you Anujag - great for attracting insects. (My problem here is keeping them the other side of the hedge...)

14 Jun, 2013

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