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Hello to all you nice folk in England.

I was wondering if any of you tell me where in England Dr. Martin is filmed? We are getting here on PBS and I’m really enjoying it. The village where it’s filmed looks so lovely I just wondered if any of you can give me some insight on it or anything about the show.

We are having beautiful weather at the moment 2 weeks of it so far of it being 5 to 10 above normal. I’m loving it as it may not stick around.

Hope your all doing well.

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My favourite program :o)) Yes its in Port Isaac in Cornwal close to Port Quin or Port Gaverne its a little fishing village. Look towards the route Padstow I use to live down that way. Its worth the trip went there a few years ago on Holiday with x boyfriend.

Its is beautiful there and lovely view in the harbour good for fishing too, the road comming into the little village is steep with pretty cottages lining the road and a wonderful view of the sea from there too. They do trips on the boats from the harbour too and lovely little quaint shops too one sells lovely things allsorts expensive there do remember that.

23 Jan, 2011


In beautiful Cornwall, where I dream of living but only in my dreams!!! Isn't it perfect & idyllic, I love Doc.Martin too !

23 Jan, 2011


I have been to Cornwall, and I found it was so beautiful, and the beaches we wlaked along doing a coastal walk were all very blue and clean. I did not seeone piece of litter. I did get sunburnt, but apart from that I enjoyed the many views along the coastal walks.

23 Jan, 2011


We live in a beautiful country really !!

23 Jan, 2011


mevagissey in cornwall also has a very pretty little harbour. so many lovely places there ~ my way of finding a pretty place to go is to look at google images before i go then i look at the postcard stands and find the nicest to visit ~ seems to work quite well!!
st mawes is also very pretty
im sure other people know a lot more places than i do.

23 Jan, 2011


Yes Grangmage we do but for how long before its filled with houses, more motor ways, train lines, and what when they sell off the Forest of Dean and Nottingham Forest what will be put on them also our farm lands all this is up for sale.

Oh Stickitoffee yes ST Morgan Porth, Looe, Newquay all lovely places ST coloum Miner, St Austell you can also see The Eden Project there too.

23 Jan, 2011


I wondered about the same thing, Angie!

23 Jan, 2011


I donĀ“t know Doc Martin but I know Port Issac very well, my parents lived just a couple of miles inland from there and are buried in the very small grave yard in Trelill.

23 Jan, 2011


There is also 'Mousehole' pronounced mousel, just out of this world.

23 Jan, 2011


Doc Martin Rogi is a tv program each week on our tv at present Martin Cloones plays him new doctor settling into the comunity being their local GP.

23 Jan, 2011


He doesnt exactly have a bedside manner! im glad my doctor isnt like him. i wouldnt want anyone to think that all english GPs are like this!

23 Jan, 2011


I agree Sticki, but it is funny though, I love the receptionist, so dippy.!

23 Jan, 2011


Your so lucky then Stickitoffe one of few you must be from what I heard nation wide. eg give her a wheel chair stick her in, belt her up clamp her arms and switch the eletric on. Then when proven I m not a liar by machines mri scan, they could nt look me in the face when it was their doing why I needed one in the first place.

23 Jan, 2011


its very sad when they get it wrong sixpence. there are several doctors in the practise i go to ~ they are not all so nice or so good.

23 Jan, 2011


Young children and many adults last year died here with appendics, my sister nearly one she is sueing them now they have offered 50.000 her solisitor refused and said more tripple that for the damage they have done to her insides a week she was in and it had nt burst it burst when she was in there and they still left her in agony till it turned gagerous, so solisitor said to repair damage would cost 50.000 alone and she is not to have her operation at the same hospital either. Their bedside manner was as follows when she was admitted are you for the slab or straight to the morgue.

23 Jan, 2011


Well, thank you all for your interesting replies. Corwal and all those places mentioned sounds beautiful, I just love places like that, costal walks and little cottages beautiful see views etc. it makes me home sick. We have the beautiful weather here but not much else.

I will follow up on those links u sent me Sixpence. Thank u! Oh how I'd live one of those big campers and go travel around GB for about 2 months.

So Doc Martin is showing in England at present. I thought we got stuff like that much later after it was shown in the home country first, but perhaps what is shown here is last season in England. Last weeks ep. was about the 2 sons living on the farm w/their dad. Son went to dr. coz his tummy was sick & said brother was worse. When dr. went to c him they were acting odd. Turned out dad thought he was the mom that left them as well as being dad. How odd indeed!

I think the actor that plays doc. is very good in fact the whole cast is good. I much prefer the English shows toDrs. the ones here as the acting is so much more real.

I agree Drs. bedside manners are rubbish, 90% of them if not more. I cud write a book on the quakes as I call them. I've come to learn that they are only tough how to diagnose ( not sure they can even get that right most of the time ) & to prescribe but never to think of a cause or a cure. I've cured or improved greatly everything they told me there was so cure for. Darn I just loveeeee to prove them wrong.
I think their thinking is there is no money in curing people, it's best to keep them on the drip, coming back month after month.

That was a horrible story about the appendices!!!! Gosh horrible! I thought they were better than that over there.

Well I'm cross eyed with tiredness so I'll say good night and that you all again.

Be healthy!

24 Jan, 2011


i remember that episode angie ~ it was on here a while ago; they do repeat things here but cant remember if we have had a new series since that one.

i have found recently that a lot of counties here are now putting walks on ~ you just put into google walks cornwall or similar and a whole list of walks and the maps comes up ~ its a really useful resource ~ to be honest i havent checked cornwall but certainly some counties are doing this.

hope you enjoy your stay.

24 Jan, 2011


Hello Stickitoffe

Thank u 4 ur comment. So I guess we are behind on Doc Martin here, I had thought so.

I'm not in GB & have no plans to go but I'd love to everything permitting of course. I miss all the greenery, the walks through the woods and the variations of the beaches as I'm from Ireland but now live in the desert of LA, it has its beauty but not enough variation for me.
So I love to watch shows from across the pond that have lovely green vistas in the background.

Thanks again
Have a good one.

24 Jan, 2011


i can understand you thinking that ~ i imagine LA is not as green either!
i love anything to do with scotland ~ i wish i was from there but im not. it just intrigues me.

24 Jan, 2011


It made me laugh when you wrote "I'd live one of those big campers" Angie!! To get the best out of a visit to Cornwall you'd need "one of those LITTLE campers"! LOL!
We find that holidaymakers often get stuck in our narrow lanes and tight corners - to see the real Cornwall you need to get into little villages and small roads and a BIG camper is a nightmare!

I hope you manage your visit sometime - though just thinking about it and doing some planning can be pretty good. I recommend Google Earth - it's like being in a hot air balloon.

24 Jan, 2011


LOL Yes u are right. A little camper is what I'd need.
I don't get to see Dr. Martin anymore as my Cable changed & we no longer PBS station w/my cable. I was in a friends house 4 miles over and they get it though. Odd. Darn anyway as I so enjoyed it.

Yeah still trying to get home and see the green, green, grass of home. Might go next month in May but not sure it would be worth the visit as the Drs. THINK I have a Labrel Tear in my hip so I can't go far on my right leg or it's too painful to get back. It makes it very unstable and it's a long road to repair. So long hikes would be out of the question.
Darn bodies, all the troubles they give us. Who the heck invented them anyway. They could have made us more durable.

Hope your all keeping well and have started your spring planting.

19 Apr, 2011


Sorry to hear you're having medical troubles, Angie. We've been having the most superb weather - it's just how summer should be. I expect we'll have to pay for it, and the summer holidays when the kids are off school will be foully wet and cold.
I am getting a bit fed up with having to carry buckets of water around to keep my newly planted things alive. We could do with some good rain one night to make things grow properly.

19 Apr, 2011


Hello Beattie
Nice to hear from u.
Glad to hear ur having lovely weather but do be carful of what u complain about, u could get more rain than u'd know what to do with. :-)

I can not remember a bad summer when I was a kid on summer holidays from school in Ireland. Now the kids in Ireland don't even know what summer is. So I hope it's a good one all round. We had a heavenly weather over the weekend. I had 2 lovely afternoon at the beach so my tan is started.

I have the garden all set for growing, I did all the heavy cut back the end of Feb. Tomatoes seeds are sprouting up like crazy.
Although I'm have terrible problems w/a neighbor that was suppose to be a friend. She has dug up some of my plants and bulbs. One of them being my Peony that I had just transplanted. I'm so upset by it. Also the seeds I had put in 2 days earlier. She also took out 2 gardenias as she said they were dead. I had just cut them back for re-growth. I had appointed her a small bit of the garden down her end, as she asked for it. Then she wanted another bit, now is generally trying to take over and screamed at me like a temper tantrum 2 year old when I asked her to take the mint out of the garden that she had planted as it takes over. I've explain to her b4 as to why one shouldn't plant mint in the garden, but it goes in one ear and out the other. She threatened me too. I think I know now why she doesn't have any friends. She hasn't got a clue about what to plant where. Anyway it's a long story but it's very upsetting after all the hours I've spent trying to get the garden ready for spring. Some people have no sense of right or wrong. I'd have expected more of a 60 something woman. This place was like something out of the Adams Family when I moved in. I convinced the owner to allow me to landscape. So it for the better part my garden. My so-called-friend, now ex friend, of course seems to have forgotten that. As she was here for about 15 years b4 I moved in. Give some people an inch and they take a mile.

All the best for now.

20 Apr, 2011


I'm so sorry to hear you've been having an upsetting time with your neighbour. I hope it all goes quiet again now and you can reach an accommodation with her.

20 Apr, 2011


Thank u Beattie
It's not resolved and judging by her behavior I don't want anything more to do w/her. She is not to be trusted! I've given a letter to the landlord regarding everything in detail as he has a head like a sieve. Have another letter almost ready for my ex friend/neighbor but I just want to fine tune it first. I just don't understand the people here! Very odd! They don't value friendship at all.
Anyway I hope all is well in your neck of the world.

21 Apr, 2011

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