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Missing photos


By amy2


Is anyone else missing their photos on GOY ? I know both Bloomer and myself have a problem our photos have been missing since last night .. Please let us know ..

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I have just checked and mine are still there.
Hope you get them back soon Amy.

24 Jan, 2021


Don't think so.

24 Jan, 2021


Amy, I have had problems since last night with the photos and avatars not showing. This happened a couple of months ago and clicking on to Microsoft Edge solved the problem. Sadly, not this time. I have contacted Dave (?) and am awaiting a response.

24 Jan, 2021


Thanks all , Shirley I changed to Microsoft Edge when the photos disappeared some time ago it has been working alright since that is up until last night the same has happened with Bloomer ( Sandra )

24 Jan, 2021


I'm sorry to hear that Klahanie , what has happened ? its no fun if you're not a technical person ...

24 Jan, 2021


Have you tried using a different browser Amy? I have a better experience using FireFox on my phone, Chrome is OK for my desktop. I don't know why this happens, but sometimes the photos magically re-appear. If FireFox doesn't make a difference, send Dave an email.

25 Jan, 2021


Thanks ,I'll try that ,it's such a nuisance ....

25 Jan, 2021


Well I've got my photos back by fiddling with things but for the life of me I can't remember how I did it to do it again , Help I should have written it down !!!!

25 Jan, 2021


Well done Amy! Now come on, how did you do it??? :o))

Yesterday I messaged Dave via Contact Us and have had a reply this morning. He says his pictures are still there, and can only assume it's down to the browser again. He suggested I use Safari so I shall contact my daughter later to ask for advice.

25 Jan, 2021


Shirley I used my old internet explorer but had to enter my email etc. to get in I've taken a photo this morning to see if it goes on here ..

25 Jan, 2021


Amy, my daughter tells me that Safari will not work for me as it is compatible with Apple software, but Firefox probably will, so I shall give that a go in a minute.

25 Jan, 2021


I have had no problems views avatars or pictures using Firefox.

I don't know about now, but some years ago I installed about 5 different browsers when I was making my own websites. I had Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer & Firefox all working at the same time on a windows XP computer!

I'm now using Win7 (still, not been able to upgrade to Win10) but as I lost interest in my webpages I haven't tried doing the same again. I was able to open up my pages in all 5 browsers at the same time. They just opened in new windows on the desktop. As the browsers have changed since my time of making webpages I don't know if they will do that any longer. Certainly Windows Edge & Firefox will open together on the desktop but I don't have Chrome, Opera or Safari installed on this computer so I don't know if they will open nowadays.

25 Jan, 2021


Balcony, how computer literate you are! My knowledge on anything computer related is very limited and scares me at times. Daft though that sounds, it's true!

I have now downloaded Firefox as Microsoft Edge was not showing me the pics, even though it had done so for a couple of months when this issue began. It seems (fingers crossed) Growsonyou is back to normal for me . . . hooray!

25 Jan, 2021


Balcony you are so clever I didn't know you could download as many browsers as you liked I thought Firefox was a security thing and wasn't safe to touch it … you learn something every day ,
Microsoft Edge is still not showing me my pics Shirley ,I worry that it could have been something we lost which could have been far more important to us , I've just realized I cant do emoji's on this browser :o(

25 Jan, 2021


Amy,all mine are back on too,I have downloaded Firefox,,and I still have Microsoft Edge ,and it's still showing Google Chrome too,but I haven't tried that as yet. Like you,I didn't know we could have different Browsers..thanks to Balcony..!
I haven't tried Emoji's yet ,so will have a look later..I'm just relieved to have everything back on Goy..:o) x

25 Jan, 2021


I've downloaded Firefox Thanks to all for your information and help ... I still can't use emoji though shame about that ..

26 Jan, 2021


Just realized it doesn't correct spelling either :o( its ok I've found the add-on it works ....

27 Jan, 2021


Glad that everyone can see the pages correctly once again! I have a spell checker in Firefox & at least 3 adblockers! Yet I still see photos & avatar pictures.

Browsers are no more than programmes that let you surf the WWW. You can have any number you like of them. I've had up to 3 installed on this PC even though I mostly use Firefox.

27 Jan, 2021


I'm glad you have that resolved Amy. Such a weird thing! lol Now we can get on to more important things - like smores!

27 Jan, 2021


Thank's David can you use emoji's on Firefox ? i've installed the spell check ..
I still have Microsoft edge and Google which are both useless for GOY as not showing the photos ,internet does but is a fiddle to use also i read internet is finishing this year ... ..

27 Jan, 2021


Paul I agree Haha roll on some nice weather lets get the firepit on the go ,I'm drooling at the thought of smores :o))

27 Jan, 2021


Well, hello! I finally see pictures, after downloading Microsoft Edge. it is painfully slow, though. Thanks for the recommendation. Cheers~

28 Jan, 2021


You can go to "Add-ons Manager in Firefox & type in emojis & search & then you will get, in the results this:

Emoji Keyboard - Emojis For Firefox.

You click on the link & a minute later you will be able to use it. 👍

29 Jan, 2021


Thanks, David, I did see that but had the impression it wasn't safe ,so was undecided .. I'll have another look ..

4 Feb, 2021


Hell Lori ,that's good news :o))

4 Feb, 2021


lol... well good for awhile anyway! They're gone now! I'm thinking seriously of loading my content on a thumb drive and hitting the road. I'm not happy with lack of access. It's not my fault either...

10 Feb, 2021


What a nuisance , I'm afraid modern technology has its downside ,sometimes I think its gone too far it's driving humans potty , you can't get through to anyone to speak to if you have problems .. I hope you get back with us soon Lori x

12 Feb, 2021


You are quite right, Amy, modern technology does have its downsides! While things work OK we are happy but when they stop doing what we want them to do it does become a nightmare!

Lori, I haven't experienced any problems with GoY in a long, long time. True I don't use the site as much as I used to & I seldom post blogs any longer. That's because I spend a lot of my time on Flickr as I'm a mod for 5 or 6 groups as well as the admin of my own group. But I hope we see you pop in occasionally to make comments & to let us know how you are doing. 👍

13 Feb, 2021

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