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A few odd photos from days out last year


By amy2


Looking back through photos yesterday I thought you might like to see a few strange / odd ones .
Some I can’t remember where I took them others will be named ..
The first one is a green house situated in an old hall garden long since redundant , Granny has given it over to her grandson who was badly injured in the Afghanistan war he hopes to bring it back to its former glory ..
The greenhouse is at least a hundred yards long completly overgrown with Virginia creeper ..
The piggies were also forgotten casualties in the garden looking very realistic ..

High way robbery ???

His look out sidekick waiting for a quick getaway round the corner ..

Thorpeness .. House -in-the-Clouds

Me having fun on the stepping stones in Dove Dale the Peak District , Derbyshire ..

And last but not least I have many more of this kind is this Funny but very serious photo of the Marine animal medics trying to blow up a pretend whale to practice survival tactics on it , I think it had a puncture ..

I hope some of them gave you a giggle on a cold day

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I like the one of you on the stones. The background is beautiful. I have always wanted to spend some time in the Peak District. Recently I discovered I have a lot of Ancestry there. No wonder it has alwaysappealed. This photo makes me want to go there even more. I think I shall make a trip next year...once the wedding is all over and done. This year is already pretty busy!

1 Feb, 2019


A lovely mix Amy!! and yes they did make me laugh! thanks for that!!

1 Feb, 2019


Wow,the length of that Greenhouse is amazing,Amy,but the Virginia Creeper looks lovely..It will be a heck of a restoration for her Grandson !.. I love thePiggies too :o)
Never been to Dove dale,although we have visited many other places in Derbyshire..a lovely County..looks like you were 'sure footed' on those stepping stones though..ha ha..
Thanks for sharing the other quirky photo's too,they made me smile :o) xx

1 Feb, 2019


I'm glad you didn't fall in lol :D
That house in the clouds looks as if it was once a windmill ...
Thanks for showing the photos :) x

1 Feb, 2019


Made me smile!
I crossed the stepping stones at Dove Dale a couple of years back. I forgot my specs though so it took me longer than it should... Nice place for a bracing walk on solid ground ☺

1 Feb, 2019


Love the banter Amy I did nt realise you hung out with Dick Turpin. We use to go each week to Matlock way before the theme park was there the Hells Angles favourite place.

Great capture of you on the stepping stones you ll have to try the ones at Bolton Abbey.

Agree with Hywel about the house being a windmill it's lovely.

1 Feb, 2019


Thanks Amy:))) I loved Dove Dale (was there thirty years ago) and wobbled on those stepping stones . . . good fun!

2 Feb, 2019


Thanks all for looking it's nice to bring back memories of days out , Karen & Sandra you must go to Dove dale if you get the chance it's beautiful ..
Hywel the man who came next behind me on the stepping stones wasn't so lucky he had a dog on a lead the dog didn't want to stay on the stones he jumped into the river dragging his owner with him the poor man was soaked The House in the Clouds was an old water tower later made into a private house you can rent it for holidays ..
I'm glad you made it without your specs Darren I can remember running across it years ago when I was younger I had a bit of a wobble this time ..
Matlock has always been a favourite with the motor cycles 3p it still is . I have done the ones at Bolton Abbey but am very wary of the strid as so many people had died after being sucked under trying to jump it
I'm Glad you enjoyed the memory Sheila :o)

2 Feb, 2019


It is great looking back at photos, Amy. The houe-in-the-clouds looks great. Looks as it cold take quite a few people when renting.
We have a beautiful day here. Very cold but blue skies. Too cold to garden. Maybe a brisk walk out would be nice.

2 Feb, 2019


Yes it has Amy we use to go when I was married in the, early 70s when the kids were younger and they were there then and last time I went through Matlock a few years back with my sonthey were there.

2 Feb, 2019


Lovely photos Amy. The stepping stones brought back happy memories - going there was always a treat as it was rather a long way from where we lived. How awful for the poor man who fell in - I do hope it wasn't a cold day!
The houe in the windmill is brilliant - but I wonder if they have a lift or have to climb a great many stairs???

2 Feb, 2019


Super pics there Amy. I asked Richard if he could tell what the picture in the first pic was. He said a wall or maybe a hedge. Just goes to show how completely the creeper had done it's thing.

2 Feb, 2019


Its lovely and sunny here to Linda a walk will blow the cobwebs away :o)
Stera it wasn't very warm the water was freezing coming down from the mountains the poor man wasn't at all happy he didn't have any dry clothes to change into :o(
Thanks Julia I was amazed when I realized what the creeper was hiding I expect the ladies grandson will eventually clear it off but it would be a shame it looked stunning ..
Stera it has 67 stairs and has 5 floors each with accommodation..... charges to book for a weeks holiday as follows starting in January £ 2,230 .00 per week -
and then increasing finishing with December £ 3,320.00 per week ..

3 Feb, 2019


I would definitely expect a lift for that! Lets hope the poor wet man found something to wrap up in and that he wasn't a long way from home!

3 Feb, 2019


I agree Stera , BTW it wasn't a windmill but an old water tower it makes interesting reading if you Google it ..

3 Feb, 2019


Amy, I am stunned at the creeper covering the greenhouse. Must have been like that for some years ...

4 Feb, 2019


The whole of the hall gardens were derelict and broken down Shirley as you say it must have been left to deteriorate for years , beautiful walled gardens also some trees I couldn't identify ,I'd love to go back in a few years time to see how it had progressed under the care of the grandson ..

5 Feb, 2019


Well, he's certainly got a huge job ahead! It would be a great triumph if he completes the task ... :o)

5 Feb, 2019


Some amazing pictures there, Amy! 👍

There is an old water tower here that has been up for sale for many years but no-one has bought. There are artists renderings of what it could look like if turned into offices. But nothing has ever been done about it.

I would never have guessed there was a greenhouse under that Virginia Creeper! What a job that would restoring the greenhouse to it's original condition! 😱

6 Feb, 2019


Thanks for looking David , I imagine the cost of converting an old water tower must be horrendous and would put most people off , the stairs would put me off straight away ...

9 Feb, 2019

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