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I’ve been a member for a few days now and thought it was time I chatted to you. Its going to take months to catch up on all the lovely pics that are posted here!….don’t have time at the moment…….
You will have gathered by now that I like roses….and I’m in my element when I am working at The Alnwick Garden…particularly at this time of the year when we are dead heading the roses…….the Rose Garden is fantastic…..and the scent…is amazing…
My OH…..Brian and I have been living by the seaside in Northumberland for 9 years now; returning “home” aftr 20 years in Harrogate…..we are both Geordies!!….(but are not football fans particularly).
Brian is not a gardener…..he does a very good job of cutting the lawns (well-grass!) he is very patient when I am in “full flow”….and once I see his eyes glaze over…..I try to shut up…..with great difficulty.
I am a self confessed plantaholic….and even though the garden is stuffed full…..and I mean it……..I still buy plants if they take my fancy. Recent purchases being Colocasia “Black Magic” and “Illustris”…..I don’t have room for these plants….they get huuuuggge leaves….but I had to have them. One is in the conservatory and the other in the greenhouse. They will get occasional trips into the garden…..if I can find room for them…..
The reason why my garden is full….well…….I am taking part in plant and seed trials for Thompson & Morgan….we all know who they are!….they have been very generous and given me lots of plants and lots of plants….flower pouches, flower ball….window box…….and more plants…….
also………..I have taken a fancy to dahlias….not just bedding ones… ones……I have grown some from seed “Black Beauty”….gorgeous…will eventually take a pic…..some free bedding ones from Suttons…..and other bedding ones. I had hoped to have an allotment by now… I ordered some from Halls of Heddon…..and a very good friend of mine who shows at Harrogate …..kindly gave me lots of cuttings from his tubers…….
Well……..the allotment hasn’t happened yet has it!!!!!!!!*%$"+@?
My name has been on the list since the end of September last year and there are still 4 people in front of me…….who knows.
The result of all this is that my little garden is full of large pots with these show dahlias in….I think there are about 70 or so…including some I’ve managed to get into the borders………I think the best I can hope for in this year;s flower show in August, is perhaps a few vases…nothing tricky…….I will let you know.
Well I think I’ve rabitted on enough for just now, don’t know if there is a limit on size for individual blogs.
….more later….

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I enjoyed your chatty blog... no limit on length of blog permitted and no limit on including photos if you so wish...
Good luck in reaching the top of the allotment waiting list :o)

3 Jul, 2009


nice blog AA, looking forwards to some photo's

3 Jul, 2009


i think we must be cloned,haha.i am into roses in a big way .for the first time i have done lots of dahlias about twenty or so pots all over the garden.also garden is crammed full of other plants .but as you say its adictive.well no watering the garden today as its rained most of the day here in barnsley which suits me fine as its a couple of hours job and i have come home from work shattered.

3 Jul, 2009


Lucky you working at Alnwick. That, and your own garden, must keep you busy.

3 Jul, 2009


AA that's a lovely blog.
Your garden sounds like an Aladins Cave at the moment :))

3 Jul, 2009


I enjoyed the chat. Hope you chat again soon.

3 Jul, 2009


Thanks for the comments folks....Aladin's cave....hmn...sounds about right Louise

3 Jul, 2009


Enjoyed your chat. You must have longer days than us other GoYers, in order to look after all those plants. LoL.
Looking forward to seeing some photos. And, a belated welcome to GoY. It takes me a bit to catch up sometimes. It's me age y'know! :-o))

3 Jul, 2009


You do sound a busy bee and I also enjoyed reading your blog,hope you do get an allotment soon and looking forward to seeing some photo,s,no rush tho......

3 Jul, 2009


Oh, what a great read! Am captivated by the mention of your "dark" plants. I've also grown to love dahlias. You also live in my fave county to date - Northumberland. And, you actually work at Alnwick! (am a shade of green now, lol!). T&M trials and freebies, an even "greener" now, lol!

Welcome to GOY! No limit to length of blogs, so far as I know. :-)

3 Jul, 2009


Hi AA Sorry I have just caught up with your blog lovely read! I’m a bit behind at the moment. You have been busy sounds like heaven.
I work for Gilberts Dahlias in Hampshire we have the largest collection in the south of England we have a large field with 300+ show Dahlias open to the public in August some of our dahlias will be in the August Gardeners World magazine. We have grown over 14000 from seed and cuttings this year. I’m almost dahlia-ed out!! But they are gorgeous.

14 Jul, 2009


Hi Sueb.....ah.,someone told me about lucky you are to work with Dahlias.....I'm lucky here in the North East to be within "buying distance" of Halls of Heddon...I visited their dahlia fields last ~Aug/Sept.....breathtaking!!! I will make sure I get the August edition of GW mag....I normally subscribe to another good "glossy"...Garden Answers and write for their sister paper "Garden News".....sorry..,couldn't resist a dahlias are getting bigger by the minute......trying to find spare spots in the borders for the pots....its getting more difficult by the day...phew....but its good clean fun!!!!!!!
I'm lucky enough to have a friend who shows at Harrogate and had a lot of cuttings from him this year (sorry if I'm repeating myself....can't remember exactly wot I rote in my original off now to water those d*** dahlias...speak again...

14 Jul, 2009

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