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So, Allotman returns! Just in the nick of time to bestow the gift of compost onto our lovely plot. After sounding him out, Allotgirl is hopeful that a Bonfire Night Party could be just around the corner (well Nov 8th actually.) Before getting too excited though, Allotgirl will read through the extensive catalogue of Rules and Regulations that dangles accusingly in the communal shed. This could put a dampener on Allotgirls party fever! Oh no! Fingers crossed everyone.

Anyway, Allotman will be pleased when he goes down today. He was convinced that his beloved rake had been stolen- BUT- Allotgirl found it nestled amongst the last outcrop of Himalayan Balsam and Bindweed. So, he has a nice shiny surprise waiting for him!

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I am always leaving my small tools somewhere in the garden.I once lost a pair of glasses - always balanced on my head then after a couple of years found them in the garden. Do hope the rules let you have your bonfire any baked potaotes going?

27 Sep, 2009


That Himalayan Balsam gets everywhere, doesn't it! What a pain...I keep finding odd plants down by our stream, and I pull 'em out sharpish before they can seed. I think the seeds drift down from the fields upstream. Nothing I can do about that!

27 Sep, 2009


Baked potatoes with hot melted butter are my favourute things! Definitely on the menu! Mind you- there are concerns about the size of Allotgirls waist! My mum used to bake them complete with soil straight from our family allotment. She beilived that baked potatoes should always have a hint of the earth about them. Mmmm hot soil- not sure about that one.
Apparently, the seeds from the balsam travel in water! Despicable stuff isn't it- but delicious to pull up- so big but comes out so easily. Allotgirl loves a challenge, so will probably be pulling it out for years to come.

28 Sep, 2009

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