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New Planters on Castors (Up-Cycle Project).


By alanb


We had an old bed that needed replacing in one of our bedrooms. Being of ‘older years’ I thought I would break it down into its components to make it easier to dispose of.
I then realised that there was some good wood and 8 casters …… I had a ‘light bulb moment’ …. 💡💡
Why not re-use the timber and castors ….. the pictures tell the story.

Timber painted with several coats of Ronseal Green Fence Life. I add a little PVA into the ‘Fence Life’ to improve the weather resistance.

Fabrication and clamping after cutting timbers to required lengths.


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What a DIY expert you are, Alan. A brilliant idea and they look fantastic!

19 Sep, 2021


Thank you Anget & Julia, really pleased with the results …. and glad that you like them. Hopefully got some ‘brownie points’ to get back on the golf course! :~)

Next project is to tidy the garage ….. I’ve been meaning to do it since 1995. I keep telling my wife ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ to which she replies, ‘no it wasn’t, but I wasn’t the Project Manager’.

19 Sep, 2021


Very innovative of you, Alan! Love the idea of upcycling your old bed, plus you have the patience of a saint like my OH, me not so much. All looks lovely as a final result! Ps. Love your last comment ! ☺️

19 Sep, 2021


Haven't you worked wonders. This is a brilliant way to upcycle and lovely plants in it too.

19 Sep, 2021


Julia, Kate and Eileen thank you for your lovely comments.
I always loved woodwork at school and would loved to have
had a career working with it. I have a woodturning lathe in the garage which I can only just see, over the piles of cardboard boxes and tool boxes. Hopefully I’ll have the garage tidy by Christmas and be able to turn some of the logs that have been drying out in the garage for many years. <];~)

19 Sep, 2021


Alan I am totally impressed! When you put the talent, the tools and the materials together stand by for action! The wood has gone from one big bed to two little ones, lol!
They look really really professional. What are you going to do next?

20 Sep, 2021


Alan they look very smart and a brilliant idea to reuse the castors, my hubby is a collector of such things, he has used many recycled pieces of wood over the years, since retiring his shed gets turfed out on many an occasion, luckily we don't have a garage, takes him hours at a time, trouble is he never gains any space as he then fills it up again with bits and bobs that might just come in handy one day... I'm as bad with my garden sheds, although I did get rid of a fair bit this year...

20 Sep, 2021


A good bit of up cycling & two lovely planters now. I like your hen & cockerel too.

20 Sep, 2021


Thank you Sue(s) and Feverfew ... Happy Mew Year.

15 Jan, 2022

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