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By ajay


Prompted by all the discussions on garden diary keeping elsewhere on the site I thought I would post this plea for feedback.

One of our hopes for GoY was that it was used as a diary. Many of you are already using the garden tab as a diary/journal – uploading multiple photos of a plant as it progress, and info on the plant (where it was bought etc) in the text. Chrispook has even started using the tab in a way we hadn’t thought of (see her first few entries which have cleverly got numbers at the start to bring to the top of the list overall views of her garden and its progress).. brilliant!

(Sorry for picking you out Chris, but thought I would send a little traffic to our favourite member from Hungary)

Remember you can click on an entry in the garden section to see all the photos and read the full text stored against that entry. Also, if the Species or Genus is a link you can click on it to see who else has that plant and their photos etc. That last bit will get better and better the more start using GoY :)

Please let me know if there is anything you would like adding to the garden tab that any of you have on your paper/offline diary that would be good on GoY so we know what needs to be done when we reach this on our long todo list :) (thanks to those already sent in suggestions). You can leave any suggestions here or via the “Contact us” link at the bottom. Always glad to hear from all of you :)

Happy gardening (we have snow here in London today)

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Ah yes that looks very organised (chris 's one), often thought a need for seperate section as you say diary reather than general blog. Good idea.

6 Apr, 2008


Many thanx, Ajay, for highlighting this feature. I'd always thought of it merely as a place to put pics of PLANTS in one's garden. Chris, this was a brilliant idea, and you have just solved my dilemna of how to keep track of our projects from last year and this one, especially as we will be moving on to a new one next year. Have started on this now, but may take me some time. Many thanx!

8 Apr, 2008


Thanks Ajay for all your kind comments. I was away in Serbia for the beginning of April, and therefore did not see your blog, since I could not get on line while away. Thanks again for the encouragement. I had thought twice about putting these general views of my garden in because they are not quite so interesting to other folk as the ones of nice plants etc. I'm glad I did it now and will continue to add more.

9 Apr, 2008


Oh Lord help me! I have such a crick in my neck and my back is killing me and now I gotta try to learn the garden thing! HELP!

5 Sep, 2008


This feature is so GOOD, Pollyanna! Chris' wonderful organisational skills really helped me see a way of cataloguing my pics into sections so that I, and others, can fast-track to pics that I/they want to see. Now, I can tell people who want to see the Wiz of Oz garden to click on the "My Garden" tab on my homepage, and select the appropriate section - brilliant! I now automatically slot my pics into one of my chosen categories, if appropriate, at time of uploading pics. Actually, I'm about to do this now!

5 Sep, 2008


Oh, I think I got it!! Thanks David that helped a lot now I think I can handle it!

5 Sep, 2008

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