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By ajay


Dear all,

As Grows on You continues to grow we are no doubt going to be the target of a few (hopefully not too many) scams. We had one today. Someone signed up and sent private messages to a few members.

Some of these Internet scams can be quite clever so please do be vigilant here and elsewhere on the Internet.

If you receive a private message or any comment please do check the profile of the person who has sent you the message. An empty profile is probably a bad sign. Please do not feel obliged to answer comments or messages you are not comfortable with.

We believe messaging one another is an important feature and wouldn’t like to take it away – I hope all of you do too. Please do report via the feedback option anyone you believe is abusing this feature and we will delete their account/comments immediately.

Happy Gardening and Safe Surfing

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I was Warned by Members Chrispook&Grenville of the Scam& im so glad weve got MORE TRUSTING MEMBERS than NONE :)

25 Mar, 2008


Thanx for the warning, and to Chrispook for alerting me,too.

25 Mar, 2008


Thanks for the heads up Ajay and thank you again Chrispook for the warning.

25 Mar, 2008


Thanks ,For the warning and thanks to Chrispook as well

26 Mar, 2008


Ditto all the above. Thanks for the vigilance from the team and the members

26 Mar, 2008

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