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By ajay


Hello all,

For all of you who have your own website away from GoY (shock horror! :) ) and would like to link to us we have added a little section called link to us at the bottom of the page where you will find text links and a couple of banners.

If you are logged in to your GoY account you will also see some code that you can cut and paste into your own websites that will automatically display your latest GoY photos.

Please do let us know what you think or if you have any problems.

Happy Gardening and thanks for linking to us!


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I am certainly not up to that yet, Ajay. I know that there are members who have websites, though. Clever people! Thanks for all you are doing to improve GOY.

16 Sep, 2008


Sorry Ajay you lost me but then again I'm thick!

16 Sep, 2008


Sorry me to ,

My 9 yrs old Grandson knows more about computors than I do ,

16 Sep, 2008


Some GoY members will appreciate that new facility.
Lots of flags and banners on GoY ~
very festive.

16 Sep, 2008


TT - flags are BAD! Don't mention that word!

16 Sep, 2008


Hi Ajay,
Can you explain what you mean.
I might like to do it if I knew what it was.
Sorry to be so daft.
All the best, Hywel.

16 Sep, 2008


Sorry, Spritz~
Are you giving me 100 lines?
"I must not muddle up my flags and banners"

16 Sep, 2008


I dont have a clue either Looks like there are a lot of us waiting for our grandchildren to help us lol

16 Sep, 2008


Hello all. The above blog is really only of interest if you have your own website. If not - please just ignore. I wouldn't trouble the grandchildren.

16 Sep, 2008


Thanks Ajay and Peter. We have a link to G.O.Y from our site. Will add banners as well when we can. We have had over 100,000 hits on our site so far over this year. It's been incredible! Thanks for this info,
Best wishes,
Grenville and Alan

16 Sep, 2008


50,0000 of them were me, Grenville! LOL.

16 Sep, 2008


I knew there was a frequent visitor from Somerset. Now we know it was you Spritz!
xxxxs from us both !

16 Sep, 2008


You might be a whizz at spelling Spritz but count your noughts. x

16 Sep, 2008


Bonkers ~ It's a goooood thing we have helpful members like you on GoooooooooooooooooooY.

17 Sep, 2008


Nice addition 2 GOY Guys:) My excuse 4not having my own Website is " Dont Have Time" ;) lol

17 Sep, 2008


So those that can have a link from their website to GOY, would it not also be a good idea to be able to have a reciprocal link from our own GOY pages to our websites (if we have one) ?

17 Sep, 2008


Sorry BB - Maths is not my strong point. OOOOPS!

17 Sep, 2008


Pity wish you were my teacher Spritz.Could have done with a few extra noughts on the end of my exam marks!

17 Sep, 2008


Ajay, a reply to my query would have been appreciated.

23 Sep, 2008


Bluespruce, extremely sorry I missed your question. We already allow links out form within blogs and also the visit section but will look to adding the option to members profiles too.

24 Sep, 2008


Bluespruce, done. Give it a go by editing your profile.

30 Sep, 2008


Ajay, I have not looked for a while, but I can't find my profile displayed anywhere, did it not used to be on our Home Page ? or am i missing something again.

30 Sep, 2008


Ahh... when you are logged in we take you to the edit version of your own profile but others see your profile when they click on your icon. Easiest way to look would be to go to

30 Sep, 2008


Will try it Ajay, thanks! Would be nice for others to see my pics without having to upload them again!

12 Oct, 2008


I have not liked to push my Web site as it is offering plants for sale. I thought it might be frowned upon, can I please have your advice . I have added it to my profile but only tsting the water.

22 Oct, 2008


Hi Poaannua, there is no problem linking to your website from your profile. Why not add it to the Shops section too (last tab along the top).

23 Oct, 2008

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