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Layout change


By ajay


Dear all,

We have just changed the way the tabs look on each of your accounts. They used to be horizontal but now they are vertical.

But I liked the old horizontal tabs on my page :(

Well, the reason we switched to the vertical tabs is because we ran out of horizontal space and we want to give you more features :) So watch for a new tab/feature or two appearing in the coming weeks.

Happy gardening.

PS. You will also notice a count on each of the tabs. So if you are viewing a member’s account/plot you can get a quick idea to see how many photos, blogs etc they have.

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It's all clever stuff, Ajay! Thank you all for your hard work.

7 Sep, 2007


Always something new to see whenever you log in!! I liked the horizontal tabbing too but if by using vertical we can get more features then woo hoooo!
Never too much of a good thing!!

9 Sep, 2007


Thanks for your comments Spritz and Maple. We aim to please :)

9 Sep, 2007


I like the changes.

11 Sep, 2007


Thanks Tussie

11 Sep, 2007

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